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You can do work because you have potential _________.
wheel and axle
a simple machine made of a wheel attached to a rod
inertia is the tendency of a moving object to stay in motion or a resting object to stay at rest
the result of a force moving an object
compound machine
a machine made of two or more simple machines
potential energy
energy that an object has because of position
chemical energy
energy that comes from a chemical change
What are two effects that forces can have on motion?
start moving, speed up, slow down, stop, or change direction
The tendency of an object to stay in motion until a force stops it is called_________.
How is a ball tossed in the air like a roller coaster car rolling down a track?
Gravity is acting on both objects.
gravity is the force that pulls two objects toward one another because of their mass
inclined plane
is a simple machine with a flat surface and one end higher than the other
When you apply the brakes on your bike, the brakes rub against the wheel and cause_______.
A roller coaster car goes up and down because it is moved by a
simple machine
a machine of one or two parts
The force of------is what pulls a roller coaster car to the earth.
force is a push or pull on an object that can cause it to change motion
mechanical energy
the kind of energy an object has because it can move or is moving
a simple machine consisting of an inclined plane wrapped around a rod
Describe how friction affects the motion of an object.
Friction rubs - this rubbing changes the energy level- this will cause the object to slow down or stop.
the ability to do work
complex machine
a machine made of many simple and compound machines
a simple machine that uses a rope and a wheel
a force that slows the motion of moving objects
kinetic energy
is the energy of motion
electrical energy
energy that comes from the flow of electricity
a simple machine that has slanted sides