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Why do the fennec, arctic, and gray foxes have different appearances?
They have adapted to different environments.
When do adaptations occur?
They occur when survival characteristics are passed from one generation to another.
What happens to a species that cannot adapt to changing conditions in its environment?
The species may become extinct.
Which type of organisms get energy by breaking down the remains of dead organisms?
How is a food chain related to a food web?
Food chains make up a food web.
What is an organism that harms another in a symbiotic relationship?
Why does the amount of available energy decrease at higher levels of the energy pyramid?
Some energy is used by organisms at each level for their own life processes.
When different species with similar needs llive in an ecosystem with limited resources, what will happen?
They will compete for available resources.
Barnacles live on the side of a whale. The barnacles benefit but do not help or harm the whale. What kind of relationship is this?
What would be a useful adaptation for prey?
As bees collect nectar from flowers, they spread pollen from one flower to another. Both species benefit. Which type of relationship is this?
In the nitrogen cycle, where do animals get their nitrogen?
from plants
Why are photosynthesis and respiration such important parts of the carbon cycle?
Photosynthesis processes carbon dioxide into oxygen that animals breathe.
Describe three different adaptations that occur in species and give an example of each.
structure (webbed feet)
behavior (migration)
body processes (hibernation)

(Or use your own examples)
How do producers and consumers use energy from the Sun? Include examples of the organisms.
Provide your own answer here.