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A 31yo man comes to STD clinic because of several ulcers w/ purulent base on his penis averaging 3-4mm in diameter along w/ tender, bilateral, inguinal lymphadenopathy. The lesions are not? vesicular.This clinical picture is most suggestive of infection by?
Haemophilus ducreyi
A 25yo sexually active man comes to physician because of tender swelling in inguinal region. He has no history of penile ulcer. On exam, he has a (+) “groove sign”. This infection is most likely caused by:
Chlamydia trachomatis
What type of rash is the most common seen in secondary syphilis?
In primary syphilis, what percent of patients will be seropositive?
A 26yo woman comes to physician because of fever, arthralgias, and 4 pustular lesions on her arms. The illness began when she started her period. This clinical picture is most likely caused by:
Neisseria gonorrhoeae
A 70yo man brought to physician because of inability to void. On exam, bladder is distended. Neurologically he has absent ankle jerks and a (+) Rombertg test. His FTA-Abs is positive. Which form of syphilis is most likely?
tabes dorsalis
A 52yo woman comes to physician because of heavy, malodorous vaginal discharge for 2 weeks. Her husband of 2 years has been recently unfaithful. A G-stained smear of discharge shows many “clue cells”. Which of the following organisms is likely involved in the pathogenesis of this problem?
Mycoplasma hominis
A 26yo sexually active woman comes to ER because of fever and abdominal pain for 2 days. The pelvic exam shows a purulent cervical discharge and severe cervical motion tenderness. Her WBC count is 14,000 w/ 6% band forms. The most likely dx is?