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The diploid chromosome number for humans is 46. How many chromosomes are there in a secondary spermatocyte? A primary spermatocyte?
23, 46

The function of the acrosome in a mature sperm cell is to?
Release enzymes that break down barriers to reach ovum
The pathway o fsperm from site of reproduction to exit is?
Seminiferous tubules, epididymis, vas deferens, urethra
____ is made in the Sertoli cells from the ___ made in the Leydig cells.
a) dihydrotestosterone
b) testosterone
Nitric oxide stimulate the conversion of __ to __ by __ via the action of a ___.
1) GTP
2) cGMP
3) guanyl cyclase
4) G-protein coupled receptor
If the hypothalamus was defected was defected in some way that prevented the secretion of GnRH, the potential ovum will most likely be arrest at what stage?
Primary oocyte
One of the differences between oogenesis and spermatogenesis is
The first meiotic division in oogenesis is caused by
a) The sperm penetrating the egg
b) An LH surge
c) Estrogen
d) An FSH surge
The zona pellucida
a) secretes enzymes to break down the oocyte membrane
b) secretes estrogen
c) is filled with fluid called antrum
d) allows only human sperm to penetrate oocyte