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What determines normal sexual behavior?
In order for a sexual behavior to be classified as a disorder, the behavior must bewhat?
Why is masturbation more prevalent in men?
due to anatomy
What is the main reason there is a decrease in sexual acivity in general in the elderely?
Due to decrease mobility and fewer men.
What are the five phases of Master and JOhnson sexual response cycle ?
1. desire
2. arousal/excitement
3. plateau
4. orgasm
5. resolution
What phase does sexual fantasies occur, thoughts about sex are engaged in
What phase is called is where physiologica. canges occure such as penile tumeexcence and breast tumeescence and vasocongeston in women? `
what phase is the leveling of sexual arousal just prior to orgasm
what phase is the peak of pleasure, it is descrived similary by males and females as euphoric
What phase is the period just after orgasm where relaxation and a sense of well-being is experienced?
During what period do men are not able to have an erection called?
refractory period
Sexual dysfunctions are diagnosed in what 3 phases of the sexual response cycle?
What does research indicated is the most important part of the sexual relationship that is different between men and women?
women is love and intimacy an emotional compound
men is arousal are visual and stimulated
Who studied human sexuality with emphasis on anatomy and physiology of human response?
Master and Johnson
Who came up with the four stage model (sexual response cycle)
Master and Johnson
What became the foundation for sexual dysfunctions and sexual disabilities in the DSMIV?
Master and Johnson sexual response cycle.
What is a disturbance in the processes that characterized the sexual response cycle or by pain with intercourse?
A dysfunction
Name two Desire Disorders?
What are the three types of sexual problems?
1. gender identity disorders
2. sexual dysfunction
3. paraphilia
a new term for sexual deviation, includes disorders in which sexual arousal occurs primarily in the context of inappropriate objects or individuals
What is when people find it difficult t function adequately while having sex?
sexual dysfunction
What is having difficulty in with psychological dissatisfaction with one's biological sex?
gender identity disorders
What is considered normal in our culture may be abnomal in other cultures?
sexual behavior
Whare are the three kinds of impaired functioning?
1. gender identity disorder
2. sexual dysfunction
3. papahillia
Sexual orientation has a strong ________basis that is influenced by _________ and
biological basis
environmental factors
and social factors
What is when a person feels trapped in a body that is the "wrong sex", that does not match his or her innate sense of personal identity?
Gender identity disorder
Gender identity is independent of ________
Sexual arousal pattersn
{These are relatively rare)
Name two infulences of gender identity disorders?
Biological and Psychosocial influences
Name two biological influences?
1. prenatal exposure to hormones (not yet confirmed)
2. Hormonal variations
(May be natural or result from natural or result from medication.)
Name two psychosocial influence?
1. Gender identity developed between 1 1/2 and 3 years of age

2. Masculine behaviors in girls and feminine behaviors in boys evoke different families
What is the treatment of gender identity disorders?
Sex reassignment surgery
psychosocial intervention
What is sex reassignment surgery?
removal of breasts or penis or genital reconstruction
What is psychosocial intervention to change gender identity?
Is unsuccessful at most times.
but can give temporary relief until the surgery
Names 6 characteristics of gender identity disorders?
1. Repeated desire to be other sex, insistence that one is other sex
2. Cross dressing
3. Strong preference for for cross-sex roles in make-believe play or persistent fantasies of being the other sex
4. desire to participate in stereotypical games and pastimes of the other sex
5. strong preference for playmates of other sex

6. For sexually mature individuals, specify if sexually attracted to males, females, both, neither
Gender identity disorder used to be called what?
What tern in no longer used in DSMIV system and means the individual has had a sex change or is desiring this operation?
name criteria that is needed for sex reassignment surgery?
must have lived as the opposite sex for 18 months to 2 years
what surgery is more difficult the male or female?
female; it takes about 3 operations
What is male to female surgery?
1. hormones
2.facial hair removed
3.genital removed
4. vagina constructed
What is female to male surgery?
1.artifival penis
2.breast removed
3.genital surgery
4.surgery irreversible
research regarding sexual orientation suffests that homosexuality is inflnce by 3 factors?
3.cultural factors
sexual orientation for genetic?
in rate in monozygotic twins
What is biological factor?
hormones prenatal development
what is environmental?
male plays with girls growning up
What gender differences exist in both sexual attitudes and sexual behavior?
More men masturbate and do it more often; men are more permissive about casual sex; women want more intimacy from sex.
Which sexual preference is normal and how is it developed?
both heterosxexuality and homosexuality are normal; genetics appear to be involved in the development of sexual preference.
Charlie always felt our of place with the boys. at a young age, he preferred to play with girls and insisted that his parents call him Charlene." He later claimed that he felt lie a woman trapped in a man's body. What disorder could Charlie have?
gender identity disorder
What could be the cause of Charlies Disorder?
abnormal hormone levels during development and social/parental influences
What treatments could be given to Charlie?
sexual reassignment surgery, and psychosocial treatment to adjust to either gender
Name what sexual arousal occurs almost exclusively in the context of inappropriate objects or individuals?
What is a mental disorder that are characterized by sexual fantasies, urges, or behaviors involving non-human objects, suffering or humiliation, children or other non-consenting person?
What is characterized by sexual fantasies, urges, or behaviors involving surprise exposure of the individuals genitals to a stranger? The person gets sexual gratification from exposing one's genitals.
what is a flasher or a streaker?
What behaviors are difficult to rid of and difficult to treat?
Some of the behaviors are not normal
2. the behavior has sexual overtones.

3. individuals are obsessed and behaviors usually are illegal and goes against the norm of society.
5. Is a disorder of sexual arousal
6. It needs to have 2-3 patterns but one is dominant
7. Possible to have suffer from co-morbidity either mood, anxiety and psa
What is the most common paraphilia disorder?
transvestic fetishism
Is done in large populated areas. what disorder gets sexual arousal out of rubbing up or touching against a non-consenting person?
Gets sexual fantasies, urges or behaviors by using nonhuman objects to produce or enhance sexual arousal with or ti the absence of a partner?
examples of nonliving objects to get aroused for the fetishism?
1. shoes on
2. wearing socks
3. women's underwear bra or panties
Who justifies his/her behavior by saying the behavior is loving the child or teaching the child about sex.
The pedophilia
Engages in sexual activity with a child, usual age 13 or younger or in the case of an adolescent, a child 5 years younger than the person?
the most serious disease of the parahilia.
2. the highest rate of reoccurring.
3. very hard to treat.
What uses sexual fantasies, urges, or behaviors involving being beaten, humiliated, bound or tortured to enhance or achieve sexual excitment?
sexual masochism
What is self strangulation to lose o2 to the brain to enhance organism?
1. may accidentally kill self
2.part of sadism or sexual chishm
Use acts or behavior involving acts (real,not simulated) in psychological or physical suffering (including humiliation ) of the victim is sensual exciting to the person?
Sexual sadism
Gets sexual arousal from wearing opposite-sex clothing (cross dressing)?
Transvestite fetishism
What gets sexual arousal achieved by viewing unsuspected person undressing or naked?
Voyeurism examples?
peeping tom may masturbate white watching . Loves the mystery component. usually don't come in and dong get aroused by going to strip joints.
Has lover levels of education and like the thrill of the element of risk?
exhibitor ism
is a cognitive-behavioral intervention to reduce unwanted behaviors by having clients imagine the extremely aversive consequences of the behaviors and establish negative rather than positive associations with them?
covert sensitization
What are the four treatment for the paraphilias?
1. covert sensitization
2. relapse prevention
3. orgasmic reconditioning
4. medical
Repeated mental reviewing of aversive consequences to establish negative associations with behavior. done in imagination getting caught at these behaviors, the feelings of getting arrested .
covert sensitization
in a treatment situation substitutes appropriate fantasy just prior to organism.
orgasmic reconditioning
What is the therapeutic preparation for coping with future situations
Relapse prevention
drugs that reduce testosterone to suppress sexual desire. fantasies and arousal return when drugs are stopped?
patients are instructed to masturbate to their usual fantasies but to substitute more desirable ones just before ejaculation. with repeated practice subjects should be able to begin the desired fantasy earlier in
orgasmic reconditioning
what are the four causes of paraphilias?
1. preexisting deficiencies in levels of arousal with consensual adults, and in consensual adult social skills.
2. treatment received from adults during childhood
3.early sexual fantasies reinforced by masturbation
4. Extremely strong sex drive combined with uncontrollable thought processes
name the four sexual actions disorders?
1. desire d/o
2. sexual d/o
3. Orgasm d/o
4. sexual pain d/o
What is called a disturbance in the processes that characterize the sexual response cycle or by pain with intercourse?
Name the two sexual pain d/o?
1. dyspareunia
2. vaginismus
what is pain during intercourse's which there is no medical cause?
can dyspareunia be experienced by men or women?
Involuntary muscle spasms in the front of the vagina that prevent or interfere with intercourse?
a sexual dysfunctions can be classified in four ways?
1. Lifelong
2. acquired
3. generalized
4. situational
What does lifelong mean?
Present during entire sexual HX
what does acquired mean??
interrupts normal sexual pattern
What does generalized mean?
present in every encounter
What is situational ?
present only with certain partners or at certain times
What is sexual dysfunction d/o that experience unexplained genital pain before, during or after intercourse?
Is a d/o that women experience otherwise unexplained recurrent or persistent involuntary contraction of the perineal muscles around the outer their of the vagina associated with penetration with any object?
What causes Sexual dysfunction?
1. Psychological contributions
2. Sociocultural contributions
3. Biological contributions
4. Psychological And Physical
and physical interactions
What are the two treatment for sexual dysfunction?
1. psychosocial- which is a therapeutic program to facilitate communication and improve sexual education and eliminate anxiety. both partners need to participate fully.
2. Medical-Focus on male erectile d/o including drugs, prostheses, and surgery. medical combined with sexual education and therapy to achieve maximum benefit.
name two desire d/o?
hypo-active sexual desire and sexual aversion
name TWO sexual arousal d/o/
1. Female SAD
2. Male Erectile D/O
Name two Orgasm D/O?
1. female/male OD
2. Premature ejaculation
What is needed for DX as Female SAD?
insufficient lubrication
IF dyspareunia likely to be a consequence then a that would be the DX.
What needs to be determine in Male erectile D?O?
IF it is lifelong or primary (since the onset of sexual functioning or acquired/secondary.
What affects the ability to orgasm in both men and women by suppressing the central nervous system?