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pad of fat that covers & protects the pubic symphasis
prepubic fat pad
the "body" of the penis
the head of the penis
the loose, tubular fold of skin whic prtially or completely covers the glans
what accounts for the bulk of the penis' erectile capacity
corpora cavernosa (2)
runs along the underside of the penis and fills the glans
corpus spongiosum
what attaches the penis to the pubic bone
suspensory ligament
muscle that elevates the shaft & glans during arousal
ischiocavernosus muscle
muscle that surrounds the anus and assists with erection
bulbospongiosus muscle
tough sheet of connective tissue that helps the penis to feel rigid ?
the rim of the glans
a strip of loose skin on the underside of the penis, running between the glans & the shaft
smooth muscle that attaches the testicles to the body & raises & lowers the scrotum to help regulate temperature
protective capsule that surrounds each testis
tunica albuginea
the tube next to the testis where sperm pass to leave the testis
the membraneous sac that houses the testis & epidiymis
tunica vaginalis
bundle of structures that conect the testes to organ systems w/in the abdomen
spermatic cord
passes through adkominal wall in the groin region
inguinal canal
muscle that wraps around the spermatic cord & the testicle to help regulate temperature
cremaster muscle
carries mature sperm away from the epididymus and is within the spermatic cord
vas deferens
internal structure of the testes that is fine, convoluted tubes, the site of sperm production
seminiferous tubles
cells that line the seminiferous tubles to help nourish developing sperm
sertoli cells
lie between seminiferous tubles and secrete sex hormones, they control the sertoli cells
Leydig cells
located below the bladder, its secretions are part of semen
prostate gland
2 small glands that add their secretions to semen
seminal vesicles
2 pea sized glands responsible for clear mucous fluid before and during ejaculation
cowper's glands
specialized nerve endings in erogenous zones
genital end bulbs