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In "The Dead," Lily is associated, by her name, with:

a)Cathleen Ni Houlihan
b)Shan Van Vocht
c) the Blessed Virgin
d)Queen Victoria
e)Joan of Arc
c)The Blessed Virgin
Gabriel just assumes that Lily is to

b)go to college
c)drop out of school
d)get married
d)get married
Gabriel makes his wife wear what article of clothing?
The Morkan sisters pursue different musical occupations. Name one.
The party presumably takes place on what religious feast day?
Has Freddy Malins been drinking when he arrives at the party? Y/N
With whom does Freddy come to the party?
his mother
What quality attributed to the Morkan sisters is championed in that speech?
The one Protestant at the party is ____________.
Mr. Browne
What does Gabriel give to Lily? What previous exchange in Dubliners does it recall?
A gold coin...It is similar to when Maria go the clay.
Where did Michael Furey have a job?
in the mines gasworks
From what part of Ireland did Gretta Conroy come?
The Morkans have a picture from what Shakespeare play hanging on their drawing room wall?
Romeo & Juliet
What is the name of the ballad that Bartell D'Arcy sings?
Lass of Aughrim
Briefly describe the scenario the song relates.
The song relates to Gretta and Michael Furey when they were younger. He used to sing that song to her.
What insulting name does Molly Ivors call Gabriel?
West Briton
She calls him this name both for something he has done and for something he refuses to do. Name both things.
He wrote for the Daily Express, and he refuses to go back to Gretta's hometown.
What is the name of the dance that Molly Ivors and Gabriel are doing as they argue?
Where does Gabriel plan to go on his summer vacation?
The Daily Express was an Irish nationalist newspaper. T/F
Who leaves the party early in "The Dead"?
Miss Ivors
Briefly summarize the story Gabriel tells just before he leaves the party.
He talks about last year's party. Gretta caught a very bad cold. Because of this, they are staying closer for this year's party.
When asked, Gretta says Michael Furey died

a)of tuberculosis
b)of consumption
c)of a broken heart
d)of industrial disease
e)for her
e) for her
CIRCLE TWO: Where is the snow said to fall in "The Dead"?

a)the Shannon waves
b)the cliffs of Moher
c)the Atlantic Ocean
d)churchyard where Michael Furey is bured
e)the continent
g)the English Channel
d)churchyard where Michael Furey is buried
e)the Continent
To what building does Mrs. Kearney liken her husband?

b)Post Office
c)Royal Dublin Society
d)Customs House
e)Presidential Mansion
b)Post Office
Where is Kathleen Kearney's musical contract drawn up?
in the dressing room
What organization is responsible for the concert at which she is to play?

a)Eire Abu
b)Erin Go Bragh
c)Sinn Fein
e)the Revival
a)Eire Abu
What does Mrs. Kearney want to see enforced?
All four concert being played
The tide turns against Mrs. Kearney when Mr. Holohan says, "I thought you were a ____."
What physical act prompts Mr. Duffy to end his relationship with Mrs. Sinico?
her touching his face
How does Mrs. Sinico die?
she commits suicide by walking in front of a train
How does Mr. Duffy find out about her death?
by reading the newspaper
To what famous work of Irish literature does his method of discovery allude?
Picture of Dorian Gray
Mrs. Sinico takes to drink soon after her break up with Mr. Duffy. T/F