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Name the city in which Joyce grew up.
With Dubliners Joyce invented a new literary genre. What was it?

a) the poem
b) the novel
c) the short story
d) the synchronic collection
e) the text
d) the synchronic collection
The first line of Dubliners alludes to the famous epic poem __________, written by _________.
Inferno, Dante
Dubliners had difficulty getting published. True or False?
The central symbolic figure of "The Sisters" is a dead _________.
The three interpretive keywords given in italics in the first paragraph of "The Sisters" are:
paralysis, gnomon, simony
What does the boy imagine that his mentor is doing in his coffin?

a) squirming
b) smiling
c) praying
d) grimacing
b) smiling
The boy dreams of administering a sacrament to his mentor. Is it:

a) communion
b) last rites
c) confirmation
d) baptism
e) confession
f) matrimony
e) confession
Why does the boy refuse the cream crackers?

a) he's not hungry
b) he didn't want to make noise
c) he didnt want to make a mess
b) he didnt' want to make noise
The boy's mentor had suffered three:

a) strokes
b) heart attacks
c) infections
d) seizures
e) comas
a) strokes
Who speaks in incomplete sentences during the dinner conversation at the story's outset?

a) the uncle
b) the aunt
c) old Cotter
d) the boy
c) old Cotter
Leo Dillon gets caught reading what in school?

a) Tolstoy
b) Shakespeare
c) pornography
d) a Western
e) a crime story
d) a Western
The narrator of "An Encounter" goes on a day's adventure w/:

a)Father Butler
b) Joe Dillon
c) Leo Dillon
d) his uncle
e) Mahoney
f) b&c
g) b&e
e) Mahoney
The boy and his companion are called:

d) harps
e) slackers
a) swaddlers
What color are the old Josser's eyes?
The boy does not want the older Josser to think he is:

b) smart
c) stupid
What does the Josser say he likes better than anything?

b) little girls
c) fishing
e) whipping boys
f) fondling boys
b) little girls
At the end of the story the boy's companion "ran...

c)as if to bring aid
d)to start a fight
e) to win the game
c) as if to bring aid
An epiphany is ________
a coming of wisdom
There are two kinds of epiphanies in Dubliners. Those experienced by the __________ and those experiences by the __________.
character, reader
Joyce derived his concept of the letmotif from whose operas?
In the story "Araby", Araby is a _________.
The name "Mangan's sister" alludes to

a)an Irish politician
b)an Irish king
c)a British playwright
d)an Irish poet
e) an Irish dandy
d) an Irish poet
This allusion, in turn, makes her a version of

a)carroty Bess
b)the ice queen
c)Rosie O'Grady
d) the last of the Mohicans
e) Ophelia
f)dark Rosaleen
g) a valkyrie
f) dark Rosaleen
She cannot go to Araby b/c she has to go on a ___________.
What does the boy-narrator promise her?
a gift from Araby
Araby refers to what area of the world?
In turn-of-the-Century Western Europe, this area was imagined to be a place of great

a)intellectual achievement
c)sexual luxury
d)hope for the future
e) religous awakening
c) sexual luxury
When the boy enters Araby, he sees "men counting money on a salver." The scene alludes to what Biblical episode?
moneychangers in the temple
The people working the stalls have "_______ accents."
The boy comes to see himself as a "creature driven and derided by __________"
For most of the story "Eveline," the protagonist is packing for her journey. True or False?
On a wall in Eveline's home, there is a photograph of a _________ and a print of the promises made to ____________.
priest, Mary Margaret
The person in the photograph was a friend of whom?
her father's
To what city is Eveline planning to go?
Buenos Aires
That city was a byword for what nefarious activity?
sexual slavery
What is the punning name of her sailor boy?
What opera does he take her to see?

a)La Boheme
c)the Ring of the Niebelung
e) The Bohemian Girl
e) The Bohemian Girl
What character in another Dubiners story sings a song from this opera?
By what is Eveline threatened at home?
her father's physical violence
What had Eveline promised her dying mother?
that she would keep the house together
The title "Two Gallants" is ironic. True or False.
Corley's father was a __________.
Corley's "girl" is dressed in blue, white and silver, colors associated with ______________.
the Virgin Mary
The place names in "Two Gallants" all speak to what aspect of Irish history?
England's colonization
What instrument do Corley and Lenehan listen to outside "the club?"
What song is being played?

a)Danny Boy
b) The Rocky Road to Dublin
c)Come back to Erin
d) Love's Old Sweet Song
e)I Dreamt I Dwelt in Marble Halls
f)Silent, O Moyle
g) The Boys of Killarney
h)We are the Boys of Wexford
f) Silent, O Moyle
Lenehan's evening meal consists of ginger beef and a plate of __________.
What type of coin does Corley reveal to Lenehan at the end of the story?
a sovereign
What euphemistic term is used to describe the sexually available Polly Mooney?

The boarders spoke of Mrs. Mooney as ________.
The Madam
What single word knots together the religious pressures on Doran and the purely financial stakes for Mrs. Mooney?

Where does Doran work?

a)a Protestant estate
b)a Catholic wine merchant
c)a Church
d)an insurance office
e)a Protestant copying firm
b)a Catholic wine merchant
Whose physical violence does Doran have to fear?
Jack Mooney
In what city does Ignatius Gallaher work?
What is his occupation?
a writer
How long has it been since Chandler has seen Gallaher?

a)a month
b)a year
c)six months
d)eight years
e)thirty years
d)eight years
To what vocation does Chandler aspire?
Gallaher objects to the way Chandler takes his ________.
In "Counterparts," Farrington works as a _______.
Why does Farrington leave his office in the middle of the day?
to get a drink
What ritual characterizes Farrington's night out?
treating others to rounds
At what feat of strength is Farrington defeated? What is the name of his adversary? What nationality is he?
arm wrestling, Weathers, British
How does Farrington relieve his frustrations at the end of the evening?
he beats his son
How does Farrington obtain the money to finance his night out?
pawns his watch
What story is told and retold during Farrington's night out?
how he made a smart remark to Mr. Alleyne.
To whom is Farrington forced to apologize?
Mr. Alleyne
The Protestant laundry where Maria works employs what kind of women?
reformed prostitutes
On what holiday is the game "Clay" played?
Hallow's Eve
The game "Clay" is primarily intended for what kind of person?
What does it mean to get the clay in the game of "Clay?"
Characterize the stylistic tone of "Clay."

Who did Maria used to live with?
Joe and his family
What mistake does Maria make during her musical performance?
she repeats a verse