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陳 (陈)
chen2 - exhibit, display; plead; surname
報 (报)
bao4 - report, tell, announce
轉 (转)
zhuan3 - shift, move, turn
黨 (党)
dang3 - political party, gang, faction
zhi3 - finger, toe; point, indicate
wu3 - five; surname
變 (变)
bian4 - change, transform, alter; rebel
氣 (气)
qi4 - air, gas, steam, vapor; spirit
xi1 - west(ern); westward, occident
試 (试)
shi4 - test, try, experiment
xi1 - rare; hope, expect, strive for
shen2 - spirit, god, supernatural being
qu3 - take, receive, obtain; select
hua4 - change, convert, reform; -ize
wu4 - thing, substance, creature
wang2 - king, ruler; royal; surname
ren4 - trust to, rely on, appoint; to bear, duty, office; allow
lin2 - forest, grove; surname
單 (单)
dan1 - single, individual, only; lone
shi4 - generation; world; era
shou4 - receive, accept, get; bear, stand
jin4 - near, close; approach; intimate
義 (义)
yi4 - right conduct, righteousness
si3 - die; dead; death
bian4 - convenience, ease; expedient
fan3 - reverse, opposite, contrary, anti-
shi4 - scholar, gentleman; soldier
戰 (战)
zhan4 - war, fighting, battle
資 (资)
zi1 - property; wealth; capital
kong1 - empty, hollow, bare, deserted
隊 (队)
dui4 - team, group; army unit
gen1 - heel; to follow, accompany; with
que3 - still, but; decline; retreat
bei3 - north; northern; northward
bi4 - surely, most certainly; must
業 (业)
ye4 - profession, business, trade
gong1 - achievement, merit, good result
寫 (写)
xie3 - write; draw, sketch; compose
ying3 - shadow; image, reflection; photo
聲 (声)
sheng1 - sound, voice, noise; tone; music
ping2 - flat, level, even; peaceful
tai2 - platform; unit; term of address
員 (员)
yuan2 - member; personnel, staff member
jin1 - gold; metals in general; money
討 (讨)
tao3 - ask for, beg; demand; dun; marry
臺 (台)
tai2 - tower, lookout; stage, platform
se4 - color, tint, hue, shade; form, body; beauty, desire for beauty
則 (则)
ze2 - rule, law, regulation; grades
rong2 - looks, appearance; figure, form
擋 (挡)
dang3 - shelf; frame, crosspiece