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認 (认)
ren4 - recognize, know, understand
gao4 - tell, announce, inform; accuse
geng4 - more, still further, much more
幾 (几)
ji3 - how many? how much? (a)few, some
kao3 - examine, test; investigate
du4 - degree, system; manner; consider
難 (难)
nan2 - difficult, arduous, hard; unable
ban3 - printing blocks; edition
頭 (头)
tou2 - head; top; chief, first; boss
xi3 - like, love, enjoy; joyful thing
許 (许)
xu3 - allow, permit; promise; betroth
guang1 - light, brilliant, shine; only
jin1 - now, today, modern era
買 (买)
mai3 - buy, purchase; bribe, persuade
suan4 - count, calculate, figure; plan
di4 - young brother; junior; i, me
ruo4 - if, supposing, assuming; similar
統 (统)
tong3 - govern, command, control; unite
shen1 - body; trunk, hull; rad. no. 158
記 (记)
ji4 - record; keep in mind, remember
dai4 - replace, replacement (of person or generation); era, generation
號 (号)
hao4 - mark, sign; symbol; number
處 (处)
chu4 - place, locale; department
wan2 - complete, finish, settle; whole
jie1 - receive; continue; catch; connect
計 (计)
ji4 - plan, plot; strategem; scheme
yan2 - words, speech; speak, say
zi4 - letter, character, word
師 (师)
shi1 - teacher, master, specialist; multitude, troops
bing4 - equal to; side by side; also, what is more; both
zheng4 - government, political affairs
wan2 - play with, joke, enjoy
張 (张)
zhang1 - stretch, extend, expand; sheet
nan2 - male, man; son; baron; surname
誰 (谁)
shui2 - who? whom? whose? anyone?
shan1 - mountain, hill, peak
mei3 - every, each
結 (结)
jie2 - knot, tie; join, connect
qie3 - moreover, also (post-subject); about to, will soon (pre-verb)
xing1 - star, planet; any point of light
fei1 - not, negative, non-; oppose
jian4 - build, establish, erect, found
gai3 - change, alter; improve, remodel
連 (连)
lian2 - join, connect; continuous; even
fang4 - put, release, free, liberate
ha1 - sound of laughter
huo2 - live, exist, survive; lively
yan2 - grind, rub; study, research
zhi2 - straight, erect, vertical
設 (设)
she4 - build; establish; display ; particle of hypothesis, supposing