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shui3 - water, liquid, lotion, juice
zuo4 - work, make; act
chang2 - common, normal, frequent,regular
nin2 - honorific for "you"
見 (见)
jian4 - see, observe, behold; percieve
li3 - inside, interior, within
東 (东)
dong1 - east, eastern, eastward
風 (风)
feng1 - wind; air; manners, atmosphere
jie3 - loosen, unfasten, untie; explain
灣 (湾)
wan1 - bay, cove, inlet, bend of stream
yue4 - moon; month; radical no. 74
deng3 - rank, grade; wait; equal; "etc."
la - final particle of assertion
bu4 - part, division, section
yuan2 - source, origin, beginning
mei3 - beautiful, pretty; pleasing
xian1 - first, former, previous
yin1 - sound, tone, pitch,pronunciation
tong1 - pass through, common,communicate
guan3 - pipe, tube, duct; woodwind music
網 (网)
wang3 - net, web; network
區 (区)
qu1 - area, district, region, ward
qi2 - period of time; date; time limit
錯 (错)
cuo4 - error, blunder, mistake, wrong
fou3 - not, no, negative; final particle
樂 (乐)
le4 - happy, glad; enjoyable; music
ru4 - enter, come in(to), join
zhao3 - search, seek, look for; find
書 (书)
shu1 - book, letter, document; writings
讓 (让)
rang4 - allow, permit, yield, concede
si4 - four
a - exclamatory particle
you2 - cause, reason; from
選 (选)
xuan3 - choose, select; elect; election
較 (较)
jiao4 - compare; comparatively, more
數 (数)
shu4 - number; several; count; fate
biao3 - show, express, manifest, display
nei4 - inside, interior; domestic
場 (场)
chang2 - open space, field, market
ta1 - it; other
從 (从)
cong2 - from, by, since, whence, through
kuai4 - rapid, quick, speedy, fast; soon
歡 (欢)
huan1 - happy, pleased, glad; joy; enjoy
zhi4 - reach, arrive; extremely, very
li4 - stand; let stand; establish, set
mu4 - eye; look, see; division, topic
she4 - god of the soil and altars to him; group of families; company, society
he2 - combine, unite, join; gather
wang4 - look at or forward; hope, expect
zen3 - what? why? how?