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qi2 - his, her, its, their; that
題 (题)
ti2 - forehead; title, headline; theme
shi4 - affair, matter, business; to serve; accident, incident
ke1 - section, department, science
fang1 - square; rectangle; region, local
xie1 - little, few; rather, somewhat
qing1 - clear, pure, clean; peaceful
san1 - three
樣 (样)
yang4 - shape, form, pattern, style
ci3 - this, these; in this case, then
ba - emphatic final particle
wei4 - throne; position, post; rank, status; seat
zuo4 - make; work; compose, write; act, perform
li3 - reason, logic; manage
xing2 - go; walk; move, travel; circulate
zhe3 - that which; he who; those who
經 (经)
jing1 - classic works; pass through
ming2 - name, rank, title, position
shi2 - file of ten soldiers
謝 (谢)
xie4 - thank; decline
ri4 - sun; day; daytime
zheng4 - right, proper, correct
開 (开)
kai1 - open; initiate, begin, start
話 (话)
hua4 - speech, talk, language; dialect
與 (与)
yu3 - and; with; to; for; give, grant
實 (实)
shi2 - real, true, solid, honest
愛 (爱)
ai4 - love, be fond of, like
zai4 - again, twice, re-
華 (华)
hua2 - flowery; illustrious; Chinese
er4 - two; twice
cheng2 - castle; city, town; municipality
動 (动)
dong4 - move, happen; movement, action
bi3 - compare, liken; comparison; than
mian4 - face; surface; plane; side, dime
gao1 - high, tall; lofty, elevated
you4 - and, also, again, in addition
huo4 - or, either, else; perhaps, maybe
li4 - power, capability, influence
應 (应)
ying4 - should, ought to, must
nu3 - woman, girl; feminine; rad. 38
種 (种)
zhong3 - seed; race; offspring; to plant
jiao4 - teach, class
車 (车)
che1 - cart, vehicle; carry in cart
fen1 - divide; small unit of time etc.
xiang4 - picture, image, figure; resemble
xi4 - system; line, link, connection
長 (长)
chang2 - long; length; excel in; leader
shou3 - hand
ci4 - order, sequence; next
yi3 - already; finished; stop