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What is a Neuron and how does it work?
It is biological psychology and links between biology and behavior
What are the parts of a neuron body?
Neuron, Cell body, Dendrites, Axon, myelin sheath, neural impulses, neural communication
What is a Neuron?
a nerve cell and the basic building blocks of the nervous system.
What is the cell body?
The cell life support center
What do the dendrites do?
Recieves messages from other cells
What does the axon do?
Passes messages away from celb body to other neurons, molecules, or glands
What does the myelin sheath do?
Covers the axon of some neurons and helps speed neural impulses and increases speed
What is a neural impulse and what does it do?
1. Electrical signal traveling down the gland terminal branches of axon
2. comes from junctions of other cells
What happens during the action potential in neural communication?
There is a neural impulse, Brief electrical charge, and it travels down the axon.
What does the Machination do for the neural communication?
covers the part in a fatty coating and increases speed of impulses