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de -- possessive, adjectival suffix
shi4 -- indeed, yes, right; to be; demonstrative pronoun, this, that
bu4 -- no, not; un-; negative prefix
wo3 -- I, me, my
yi1 -- one
you3 -- have, own, possess; exist
da4 -- big, great, vast, large, high
zai4 -- be at, in, on; consist in, rest
ren2 -- man; person, people; mankind; someone else
le -- to finish; particle of completed action
zhong1 -- central; center, middle; in the midst of; hit (target); attain
dao4 -- go to, arrive, been to
yao4 -- necessary, essential; necessity
yi3 -- by means of; thereby, therefore; consider as; in order to
ke3 -- may, can, -able; possibly
這 (这)
zhe4 -- this, the, here
個 (个)
ge4 -- numerary adjunct, piece; single
ni3 -- you, second person pronoun
會 (会)
hui4 -- assemble, meet together; meeting
hao3 -- good, excellent, fine; well
為 (为)
wei4 -- do, handle, govern, act; be
shang4 -- top; superior, highest; go up, send up
來 (来)
lai2 -- come, coming; return, returning
學 (学)
xue2 -- learning, knowledge; school
jiu4 -- just; come/go to, approach, near
jiao1 -- mix; intersect; exchange, communicate; deliver
ye3 -- also; classical final particle of strong affirmation or identity
yong4 -- use, employ, apply, operate; use
neng2 -- be able, can, permitted, ability
ru2 -- if, supposing; as if; like, as
時 (时)
shi2 -- time, season; era, age, period
wen2 -- literature, culture, writing
說 (说)
shuo1 -- speak, say, talk; scold, upbraid
mei2 -- not, have not, none; drown, sink
ta1 -- other, another; he, she, it
kan4 -- look, see; examine, scrutinize
na4 -- that, that one, those
問 (问)
wen4 -- ask (about), inquire after
sheng1 -- life, living, lifetime; birth
ti2 -- hold in hand; lift in hand
xia4 -- under, underneath, below; down; inferior; bring down
過 (过)
guo4 -- pass, pass through, go across
請 (请)
qing3 -- ask, request; invite; please
們 (们)
men -- adjunct pronoun indicate plural
tian1 -- sky, heaven; god, celestial
suo3 -- place, location;numerary adjunct
duo1 -- much, many; more than, over
mo -- interrogative final particle
xiao3 -- small, tiny, insignificant
zhi1 -- 's (marks preceding phrase as modifier of following phrase); it, him her, them; go to