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(Ch. 05) interest & transfer at death - diff bwtn jtwros and tic
jtwros = equal ownership and pass to remain tic = unequal ownership and pass to heirs
(Ch. 05) name two types of joint accts
-tic -jtwros
(Ch. 05) name two types of trading auth
1-limited, trade only 2-full, trade & w/d
(Ch. 05) new accts must be approved by…? and when…?
approved by prin promply after 1st transaction
(Ch. 05) re discresionary accts…. what are time and px
time and px are not discresionary considered not held orders
(Ch. 05) re fiduciary accts.. require what
all require legal document except ugma & utma
(Ch. 05) re fiduciary accts.. subject to what rule
prudent man rule
(Ch. 05) re joint accts who must sign? who may trade? who dist made to?
all sigs req'd any may trade dist paid to all
(Ch. 05) to be discresionary rr must choose 1 of the following..
action security amount
(Ch. 05) ugma/utma - how many involved?
1 minor 1 custodian only
(Ch. 05) ugma/utma - what accts ok?
cash acct only
(Ch. 05) ugma/utma - who is owner?
minor is beneficial owner
(Ch. 05) what 3 things must firm do re new account
1- give privacy notice 2- sign by rep & prin 3-verify info in 30d
(Ch. 05) what are 3 things firm must do re discresionary accts
-written auth from custy -acct approved by first trade -reviewed regularaly for churning
(Ch. 05) what is a tod account
-names beneficiary -passes at death -avoids probate
(Ch. 05) what must custy provide for new acct form ->4 things
1-dob 2-tax id 3-identity verif 4-signature (x cash)
(Ch. 05) whats the 3 step process for acct transfers
1-verify positions w/i 3 days 2- freeze acct 3- 3more d to xfer
(Ch. 13) 3 docs for lp / dpp's
1- cert of ltd partnership 2- part agree 3- subscript agree
(Ch. 13) bass in lp/dpp's
initial invest + recourse debt reduced by $ dist
(Ch. 13) liq priority for lp/dpp's
1-secured creditors 2- other creditors 3- lp's 4- gp
(Ch. 13) main reason to invest in lp/dpp's
economic viability is primary concern
(Ch. 14) 2 components of fiscal policy
taxation spending
(Ch. 14) 2 components of monetary policy
discount rate reserve requirement
(Ch. 14) 2 liquitidy ratios to know
1- current ratio 2-acid test
(Ch. 14) 3 components of money supply
m1 = ccy & dep m2 = m1 + savings m3 = m2 + time dep
(Ch. 14) three capitalization ratios to know
1- debt/equity 2- bond ratio 3- cs ratio
(Ch. 14) what kind of econ indicator are: duration of emp, corp profits, comm loans outstanding
lagging indicators
(Ch. 14) what kind of econ indicator are: money supply, bldg permits, unemp claims, orders, stock prices
leading indicators
(Ch. 14) what kind of econ indicator are: personal income, gdp, ind prod
coincident indicator