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you may be charged with a crime for serving a guest who appears intoxicated, true or false?
It is illegal to serve alcohol to a pregnant woman.
the state liquor authority can suspend a liquor license for allowing a minor to enter the establishment with a fake ID, true or false?
all guests must be 21 to purchase alcohol, true or false?
what is criminal liability?
being held responsible for committing a crime; servers can be held criminally liable for violating alcohol service laws
who creates and enforces the alcohol service laws?
states, counties, cities, towns and villages
what is civil liability?
being held responsible for payment of damages for injuring a person
what is a dram shop law?
laws that allow establishment's owners and employees to be sued by someone injured by a guest who was drinking at the establishment
what is the liquor authority?
state or municipal agency that enforces alcohol regulations and licensing laws
if you break liquor laws, you could face what?
criminal charges
closure of business
most states hold you criminally liable if you do what?
serve alcohol to a minor
serve an intoxicated guest
possess, sell or allow sale of drugs on the premises
the liquor authority can issue citations for what?
selling to a minor
failing to check ID of underage guest
allowing minor to enter with a fake ID
serving intoxicated person
discriminating against guests due to race, gender, age, or sexual orientation
selling or serving when it is not permitted (after hours)
some states forbid what kind of promotions?
happy hours and other drink promotions such as unlimited drinks for a fixed price, drinks as a prize for a game
what does BAC stand for?
blood alcohol content, the amount of alcohol absorbed into the bloodstream.

Represented as a percentage
Driving with a BAC of this number or higher is illegal in all 50 states. What is the number?
drink for drink, a lean guest will have a higher BAC than a guest with a large amount of body fat, true or false?
the liver breaks alcohol at the rate of about 1 drink per hour, true or false?
carbs are the best type of food to offer to help prevent intoxication, true or false
false - offer protein and fatty foods
salty snacks can help prevent intoxication, which is why you often see them at the bar, true or false?
false; they increase thirst, which tends to make the drinker, consume more liquor
in the body, where is the most alcohol absorbed into the bloodstream?
from the small intestine
what does a BAC of .10 mean?
there is one drop of alcohol for every 1,000 drops of blood in the bloodstream
what activity removes a large amount of alcohol from the body, exercising, urinating, drinking coffee or the passage of time?
the passage of time
which organ is the only one that breaks down alcohol?
what key factors affect a guest's BAC?
1. drinking rate
2. amount consumed
3. drink strength
who has a higher BAC, other things being equal, a woman or a man?
all factors being equal, which guest will have the higher BAC, the one who consumes wine or the one who has a gin and tonic?
gin and tonic drinker, because carbonation speeds the rate at which alcohol passes through the stomach
how many ounces count as one drink for a beer, wine, 80-proof liquor and 100-proof liquor?
beer - 12 oz
wine - 5 oz
80 proof - 1.5 oz
100 proof - 1 oz
how do you count the drink when it contains more than the standard ounces, such as a 32-ounce beer?
Divide ounces in the drink by number of ounces for 1 drink in that beverage.

Ex: 3 ounces in the glass, divided by 1.5 for 80-proof, equals 2 drinks in the glass
what other factors besides rate and drink strength can affect BAC?
prior drinking
physical condition, emotional state
consumption of food
when does the ServSafe book say you should start counting a guest's drinks?
with their very first order and until they leave
What are the categorical signs of intoxication?
relaxed inhibitions
impaired judgment
slowed reaction time
impaired motor coordination
a guest was quiet upon entry but after drinking becomes loud and rude. This is a sign of which behavioral sign of intoxication?
relaxed inhibition
a guest trades up to a stronger drink. This is a sign of which behavioral category?
impaired judgment
a guest becomes visibly drowsy. This may be a sign of which behavioral category?
slowed reaction time
a guest slurs their speech. This is a sign of which behavioral category?
impaired motor coordination
offer what kind of beverage to counter the effects of alcohol dehydration?
what are the 2 ways to assess a guest's level of intoxication?
counting drinks
observing guests for physical and behavioral changes
to count drinks accurately, you need to know what?
how much alcohol they contain
at what point do physical and behavioral changes occur when alcohol is consumed?
when a large amount reaches the brain
what is tolerance?
when a guest consumes a large quantity of alcohol without showing effects
what is one of the most important things you can do to prevent guests from becoming intoxicated?
offer food
a guest has consumed 3 12-ounce beers in an hour. How many drinks have built up in the guest's bloodstream?

The liver breaks down one of them; the others pass to the bloodstream
what is the best type of food to help prevent intoxication?
fatty food
what the four usually acceptable forms of ID?
military ID
driver's license
state ID card
what is an ID reader?
a device used to validate IDs by reading info in an ID's bar code or magnetic strip
what is a hologram?
three-dimensional text and images placed on IDs to prevent tampering
you have a legal right to refuse service if you suspect a guest is underage, true or false?
military IDs and passports may be uncommon in some areas, so always use an ID checking guide to validate them, true or false?
an immigration card is an acceptable form of ID in some areas, true or false?
what are the four key determining factors that an ID is valid?
you must verify that it is:

not issued to a minor
is genuine
belongs to the guest
What are the top 3 things to look for on an ID?

Also that it is current
check the back side for info
what facial features can help you determine the ID belongs to the guest?
shape of face
what are the steps in checking an ID?
1. greet the guest
2. politely ask for the ID
3. verify the ID
4. seek further identification if necessary
If the ID is in a wallet, what should you do?
ask the guest to remove it; hold it in your hand, examining front and back
when you refuse service to a minor, how should you sound?
Express regret
do not sound judgmental
avoid embarrassing the person
whenever you refuse service to a minor, whom should you notify?
the manager
what are the steps to take if you spot a fake ID?
1. refuse service
2. refuse entry
3. confiscate the ID
4. always follow company policy
which feature is used by states to indicate that an ID belongs to a minor?
issuing the ID in a vertical format
what should do do to verify that an ID belongs to the guest?
compare the guest to the physical characteristics listed on the ID
you must stop serving alcohol if what?
the guest shows signs of intoxication

you are concerned about the number of drinks they've had
when stopping alcohol service, the backup person should stand as close to the guest as possible, true or false?
you should call the police if an intoxicated person insists on driving, true or false?
guests can be served to the point of intoxication if they have a designated driver, true or false?
you should physically restrain a violent guest so the guest doesn't harm others, true or false?
false; never physically restrain a guest
what is the first stop when deciding to stop service?
alert a backup
when should you stop service, while the guest is drinking, or when the guest places the next order?
wait until the guest orders the next round before stopping service
what are the steps if an intoxicated guest attempts to leave the premises?
try to convince the guest not to drive, then make sure they have transportation
what should you do if a guest arrives at your establishment intoxicated?
try to refuse entry
make sure they aren't served alcohol
ask for their keys
find alternate transport
what are the steps when working with a designated driver?
encourage the person not to drink

if they do, watch him or her like any other guest

if they don't drink, follow your company's policy for service of free items
to prevent injuries when handling potentially violent situations, do what?
notify your manager; involve your manager early

call the police

separate guests from the situation
when should you complete an incident report?
alcohol service was stopped
alternate transport was arranged
ID was confiscated
illegal activity was viewed
a guest became ill
overserving a guest who came with a designated driver is illegal, true or false?