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Ser is used to tell the _____ of _____ and the ______.
Time, Day, Date

It is two o' clock
Son las dos.

It is the third of August
El es tres de agosto.
Ser is used to tell where ________ or _________ comes from.
Someone, Something

The man is from the United States.
El hombre es de los Estado Unidos.
Ser is used to tell who ____________ is.

Carmen is a woman.
Carmen es una mujer.
Ser is used to tell what someone's _____________ or ___________ is.
Nationality, Profession

John is Puerto Rican.
Juan es puertorrqueño.

Archie is a missionary.
Archie es un misionero.
Ser is used to describe __________________ usually associated with a certain _________ or _______.
Characteristic, Person or Thing

Trucks are big.
Los camiones son grandes.
Ser is used to describe ___________ or _____________.
Someone, Something

The car is yellow.
El auto es amarillo.
Ser is used to connect a _______ or pronoun to another noun or __________.
Noun, Pronoun

The girl is my friend
La muchacha es mi amiga.