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Parliamentary Supremacy
-Parliament was teh ultimate authority
-laws passed were binding
Constitutional Monarchy
-taxes seen as "gifts" to the King
-enjoy and use property without fear of confiscation
Virtual Representation
-idea that Parliament looked out for the best interest of all British People
-Americans were "virtually represented" in Paliament
Sugar Act
-George Grenvile passed
-Revised the amount of taxtation of molasses
-enforced harder punishments for breaking the act
-higher duties sugar, wine and may other items that were not imported from England
-angered colonists
Stamp Act
-Similar to an Act that was enforced in England
-Aimed at upper classes
-Patrick Henry introduced a list of resolutions opposing the Stamp Act
Patrick Henry and Virginia Resolves
-7 resolutions
-Said that the HOB is the only body of government allowed to tax Virginia
Sons of Liberty
-rebuked the Stamp Act
-very physcial, ex. hung a noose around a replica of Andrew Oliver (stamp distributor)
-ex. dismantled Thomas Hutchinson's house
Stamp Act Congress
-Representatives from 9 colonies met in New York City
-created similar to the Virginia Resolves
-Affirmed allegiance to Parliament and the monarch
-Recognized the possibility of intercolonial political action
Declaratory Act of 1766
-came after the repeal of the Stamp Act
-Reaffirmed Parliamentary Supremecy
Townshed Act of 1767
-Proposed by Charles townshed, Chancellor of the Execrquer
-Taxes on paper, glass, paint and tea
Restraining Act of 1767
-Sameul Adams circulate a political document
-4,000 troops were stationed in Boston
Nonimporatation Agreements
-Agreed not to import from England
-Sons of Liberty enforced
Boston Massacre
-March 5th, 1770 settlers throw snow balls at the "red coats"
-argument ensued
-guns were pulled
-5 people died
-all taxes except tea were repealed