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1. What is the definition of Sepsis and septicemia
Systemic inflammatory response (SIRS) due to infection. Infection can be anywhere in the body

Presence of microrganisms or their toxins in the blood
2. SIRS depends on at least 2 conditions...
Temperature >38 C or <36 C
Heart Rate > 90 beats per minute
Respiratory Rate > 20 breaths per minute or PaCO2 < 32 mm Hg
White Blood Cell Count > 12,000/cmm, <4,000/c mm or >10% immature (band) forms
3. What is a band cell?

Normal # of WBC?
an immature neutrophil

4k to 10k
4. What is SIRS due to infection?
5. What is severe sepsis?

what is mortality rate?
sepsis associated with organ failure

30 - 50 %
6. What is septic shock?
hypotension (systolic BP <90 mm Hg) despite IV fluids
7. What is an ecchymoses?