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I want you to
Dw i eisiau i chi
I saw
gwelais i
I will see
gwela i
I will have seen
Bydda i'n wedi gweld
I will be seeing
Bydda i'n gweld
I have been
Bues i
I had
Ro'n i'n wedi
I was / I used to
Ro'n i'n
I have seen
Dw i wedi gweld
I am seeing
Dw i'n gweld
I would
Baswn i
I should
Dylwn i
I could
gallwn i
I must
Rhaid i mi
I had to
Roedd rhaid i mi
I must not
rhaid i mi beidio â
(ag before vowel)
If I had to
Tasai rhaid i mi
before I
cyn i mi
after I
ar ôl i mi
I had better
gwell i mi
In case I
rhag ofn i mi
as I
wrth i mi
Until I
Nes i mi
by the time I
erbyn i mi
I have a car
Mae car gyda('da) fi
I had a car
Roedd car gyda ('da) fi
I will have a car
Bydd car gyda ('da) fi
do you have a car?
Oes, car gyda ('da) fi
did you have a car?
Oedd car gyda ('da) fi?
will you have a car?
Fydd car gyda ('da)fi?
If I had a car
Tasai car gyda ('da) fi
I have one child
mae un plentyn gyda fi
I have two children
mae dau blentyn gyda fi
mae dau o blant gyda fi
I have three children
mae tri phlentyn gyda fi
mae tri o blant gyda fi
I am Siâns mum
Mam Sian dw i
Whose mother are you?
Mam Pwy dych chi?
Mam pwy wyt ti?
What is the matter with you?
Beth syn bod arnat ti/arnoch chi?
is there something wrong with you?
Oes, rhywbeth yn bod arnot ti?
there is nothing at all wrong with me
Does dim byd yn bod arna i
I have a headache
mae pen tost gyda ('da) fi
I have a cough
mae peswch arna i
on my own
ar fy mhen fy hun
on your own
ar dy ben dy hun
(singular informal)
ar eich pen eich hun
(singular formal)
on her own
ar ei phen ei hun
on his own
ar ei ben e hun
on our own
ar ein pennau ein hunain
on your own
ar eich pennau eich hunain
(plural formal)
on their own
ar eu pennau eu hunain
how is the weather?
Sut mae'r tywydd?
the weather is / was / will be fine
Mae/roedd/bydd hi'n braf
I prefer/ preferred / will prefer / would prefer
Mae'n / roedd yn / bydd yn / basai'n well da fi