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cutaneous sensitivity
the sensory effect of skin stimulation
What are the 3 types of cutaneous sensitivity?
pressure/touch, temperature, and pain
basket cells
major nerve endings for hairy skin regions
Glaborous skin
hairless skin which is thicker and found on smooth surfaces of soles/toes of feet, palms/fingesrs of hand, and lips/mouth
Pacinian corpuscles
major nerve endings in glaborous skin
Meissner's corpuscles
Ruffini endings
Krause end bulbs
How are neighboring regions of skin represented in the somatosensory cortex?
Neighboring regions of skin are represented in neighboring regions of the somatosensory cortex
What is a homunculus?
a topographic representation of the brain areas devoted to various parts of the body
The more cortical tissue devoted to an area of skin…
the more sensitive that area is to processing stimuli
Skin areas that are highly receptive have…
small receptive fields and a rich density of nerve innervation
Skin areas that are less sensitive have…
large receptive fields and a lower density of nerve innervation
How much skin displacement is needed to create the sensation of pressure?
Sensitivity to touch varies…
with the intensity and region of the body
Pressure sensitivity (most to least)…
Face, trunk, fingers, arm
Point Localization for Touch
the ability to localize touch sensations on a stimulated region of skin, varies with region of the body stimulated
Stimulation of regions with finer muscular control (hands&mouth)…
result in more accurate point localization
Two-point threshold
the smallest separation of two separate but adjacent points of stimulation on the skin that just produces two distinct impressions of touch
More mobile skin regions (hands & parts of face) are…
most sensitive and have very low two-point thresholds
Thermal sensitivity is irregularly distributed over the skin
some areas are more sensitive to cold, some to warmth
Changes in temperature are detected by…
free nerve endings
Which receptors are closer to the skin?
Cold receptors are closer to the skin than warmth receptors
Sensations of cold and warmth are relative
prolonged increases in temperature decrease the sensitivity of warmth receptors and increase the sensitivity of cold receptors and vice versa
Neutral temperature depends on prior history…
increase temperature, feels warm, becomes neutral. If temperature drops to initial neutral it feels cold.
Pain serves the function of alerting us to noxious stimuli
Nocioceptors detect stimuli that we perceive as painful
The brain controls our awareness of pain and our emotional response to it
Psychological factors such as expectation, attitude, attention, emotional state, and cognitive processes have a significant effect on the intensity and quality of pain