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• He slept
Matt. 8:24
• He came into human life in the human way of natural birth after the lapse of the requisite time
Luke 2:5-7
• He knew what it was to be hungry
Matt. 21:18
• He knew what it was to be thirsty
John 19:28
• He experienced fatigue
John 4:6
• He made his way from place to place
Luke 8:1
• He died
John 19:33
• He possessed normal mental processes
ie: asks QUESTIONs to gain information (Mark 9:21)
• He had emotions common to all men: love of family (John 19:26)
love of friends (John 15:12-15)
• He had a will of His own
Matt. 26:39
• He prayed
Mark 1:35
• He increased in spirit, mind, and body
Luke 2:40,52
• He realized His relationship with God as His Father
Luke 2:49
• He was baptized (thus, “fulfilling all righteousness”)
Matt. 3:13-17
• He was tempted
Luke 4:2
• He was indwelt by the Spirit
John 3:34
• He was made of flesh and blood
John 19:34
• He sweat
Luke 22:44
• His title, Son of Man
Matt. 11:19