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What are the steps of the scientific method?
1)Observing and stating a problem
2)Stating a hypothesis
3)Testing the hypothesis
4)Recording and analyzing the data
5)Forming a conclusion
6)Replicating the work
The whale shark, the largest fish in the worls, can grow up to 18.5 meters long and weigh up to 100,000 kilograms. How long do they grow in feet and how much do they weigh in pounds? (1in=2.54cm)(1lb=2.2kg)
They can grow to be about 60.6955 feet long and weigh about 220,000 pounds.
What are the four macromolecules and their monomers?
2)Lipids—fatty acids & glycerol
3)Proteins—amino acids
4)Nucleic Acids—nucleotides
What are the three parts of the cell theory?
1)All living things are made of cells
2)Cells are the most basic unit in living things
3)Cells can only come from preexisting cells
What 6 scientists contributed to the cell theory?
1)Anton Van Leeuwenhoek
2)Robert Hooke
3)Robert Brown
4)Matthias Schleiden
5)Theodor Schwann
6)Rudolf Virchow
What are the 5 characteristics of living things?
1)Made of cells
3)Obtain and use energy
4)Responds to environment
5)Grow and develop
What are the 5 branches of biology?
1)Molecular level
2)Cellular level
3)Multicellular level
4)Population level
5)Global level