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to comply, to agree
acquiesce v
give warning, reprove
admonish v
relating to an appreciation for beauty
aesthetic a
affluent a
quality of uncertainty
ambiguity n
simultaneous contradiction
ambivalence n
improve, restructure
ameliorate v
amorphous adj
twisted/ off center
awry adj
beguile v
contradict, disprove
belie v
procedural, routine
bureaucratic adj
persuade by pleasant words
cajole v
capricious adj
embarrassment, mortification
chagrin n
coerced v
deep sympathy
to overlook, excuse an offense
condone v
obvious, noticeable
conspicuous adj
sociable, fond of eating/drinking
convivial adj
reflection, consideration
deliberation n
decrease in value, deflate
depreciate v
loss, disadvantage
detriment n
dreadful, ominous
dire a
tactful, cautious
discreet a
stubbornness, persistence
doggedness n
impudence, nerve
effrontery n
unnaturally thin or abnormally lean
emaciated adj
exemplify, represent, personify
embody v
to try, to attempt
endeavor v
pronounce, articulate
enunciate v
to erase
eradicate v
a pleasant substitute for a harsh term
euphemism n
fade away, disappear
evanesce v
to annoy
exasperate v
to excite, to thrill
exhilarate v
to arouse by words, advise strongly
exhort v
excessive, very expensive, inflated
exorbitant a
keen, avid
fervent a
foolishness, stupidity
folly n
ineffective, useless
futile adj
gala n
friendly, amiable
genial a
in theory
hypothetical a
hear, about to happen
imminent a
arrogant, self-importance
imperious a
impoverished adj
imprudent adj
without penalty
impunity n
attribute, ascribe
impute v
lacking, pointless, silly
inane adj
rouse, provoke
incite v
indolently adv
initiate, start
instigate v
vague, elusive
intangible adj
prejudice, hostility to other people
intolerance n
using words to express other than the literal meaning
irony n
complex or tangled
labyrinthine adj
laziness, indolence, lack of ambition
languor n
with desire to harm
malicious adj
accused of wrongdoing
maligned adj
weakly sentimental, tearful
maudlin adj
beggar, poor person
mendicant n
flashy, attractive in a cheap flashy way
meretricious a
antisocial or unfriendly
misanthropic adj
having an excessive willingness to serve, fawning
obsequious adj
obstinate adj
an intellectual or spiritual wandering or quest
odyssey n
chaos, great confusion
something that has or seems to have contradictory qualities
paradox n
thrifty, cheap
parsimonious a
quality in an event or art that arouses pity
pathos n
read, look at fairly attentively
peruse v
pious adj
unfortunate state or predicament
plight n
sharp, painful, sadness
poignant adj
unsteady, insecure
precarious adj
to prevent
preclude v
prodigious a
indiscriminately, random
promiscuously adv
dull, colorless
prosaic adj
fundamental, essential
radical a
devastate, destroy
ravage v
reiterate v
revive or refresh
rejuvenate v
return payment
remit v
deep guilt
remorse n
shy, reserved
reticent a
harsh reply
retort n/v
retribution n
reverie n
inspection, examination
scrutiny n
peaceful, calm
serene a
in a concerned manner
solicitously adv
smother, throttle, asphyxiate
stifle v
fixed pay for services, salary
stipend n
below the level of awareness
subliminal adj
rebellion, insurrection
subversion n
to help, to aide
succor n/v
resentful, gloomy
sullen a
keep going, support, nourish
sustain v
slender, light
svelte adj
good, obedient
tractable a
cave dweller
troglodyte n
not discouraged by difficulty, not intimidated
undaunted adj
unmanageable, bulky
unwieldy adj
to conquer, to defeat
vanquish v
vexation n
to weaken, sink
wane v
to grow in strength
wax v