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demonstrative + entity
names or identifies something
dat book, dat kitty
indicates recognition of something or attention to it, greeting
Hi kitty, hi billy hi mommy, hey daddy
indicating that something is happening again or that more of something is desired
nother cookie more juice, more splash
Used to oppose an action or to refuse an object
no bean, no soap
Object or person has left, or it's not in its usual place, the ball rolls out of sight and the child says
no ball, no cookie
Agent+ Action
Child remarks on an ongoing event

Noun + Verb
Daddy drive, boy run baby go
Action + Object
Often produced while the child performs a certain action or watches someone else do something to an object
Verb + Noun
pet kitty, kick box, take book, spill juice
Agent + Object
person is acting upon an object in some way

Noun + Noun
Mommy car (washing car), Jimmy bike (riding bike
Action + Location
expresses the location where an action is taking place

Verb + Noun
play park, climb chair, eat table, sit corner, walk street
Entity + Location
indicates where a particular object is located

Noun + Noun
sweater chair, puppy bed (puppy is in bed) cookie table daddy work, kitty tree doggy out
Possessor + Possession
expresses ownership or privileged access,

Noun + Noun
doggy fur, doggy tail, baby shirt, Mommy lunch
Entity + Attribute
object described

Noun + Adjective
Plane loud, train big, girl pretty, train big
Instrument + Action
first word is inanimate noun
Noun + Verb

(noun = inanimate tool)
hammer hit, broom sweep, shovel dig
Experiencer + experience
expresses feeling or internal state
Noun + adjective
me sick, me hungry, daddy tired, baby sad
occurs when one person or object is being classified or categorized in some way
Noun + Noun
Billy Boy, Jack Brother, thomas train,
This indicates that two objects are in close proximity but there's no interaction between the two objects
Noun + Noun
umbrella boot, spoon fork, mommy baby, dog puppy,
indicates accompaniment of some sort (implies with)
Verb + Noun
shop mommy, walk grandma, play doggie
When an act or event is finished

(allgone, done + N or V
alldone bath, allgone pudding, done lunch