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What are the 3 Search Engine Marketing options?
1)Paid search AKA
a)paid placement
b)sponsored search
c)keyword search
2)Paid inclusion AKA
a)paid submission
b)keyword search
3)Organic Search AKA
a)editorial search
b)natural search
c)free search
d)algorithm search
What is Paid Search? AKA Sponsored Search
A type of contextual advertising where Web site owners pay an advertising fee, usually based on click-throughs or ad views to have their Web site search results shown in top placement on search engine result pages.
What is paid inclusion?
A search engine marketing model in which a Web site pays a fee to a search engine that then guarantees that the Web site will be displayed in the returned search results for specifically named search terms. For example, a Web site that sells baseball trading cards can pay a search engine to ensure that its site is returned in the search results when a user searches on the phrase “vintage baseball cards.” Paid inclusion, for some search engines, also means that the search engine’s spiders will crawl their sites more often than non-paid sites. Different search engines treat paid inclusion results differently; some indicate the paid inclusion results as advertisements while others display them as results alongside non-paid search results.
What is Contextual Advertising?
Those paid search ads labedlled as sponsored link/results and embeds them in content sites or shopping sites.

Abuse reported thru hyperlinking from web content pages.
What is organic search?
The full development, care of a web site to fully utilize natural search elements by using rich media or other formats such as local searches to diversify online ad campaigns
Support Brand Marketing and non-web marketing initiatives by having "naturally" associated web url i.e. natural language searches.
Basis of SEM is what?
1)Get your website house in order
3)Utilize Paid Search
4)Utilize a small amount of Paid inclusion.
What are the Key Performance Indicators(KPI) of Paid Search AKA Sponsored Search?
PPC - Pay per click
CPC - Cost per click
PFP - Pay for performance
What should be measured with Web Analytics?
Everything! But stick to things that move the sales needle and reports for C-level execs CFO, CEO.
What measurements are for the CFO?
*lead aging
*campaign ROI
*program-to-people ratio
*cost/billing dollar
*program spend vs. headcount
What measurements for the
Marketing and Sales managers?
*# of customers who lead others to buy
*Average lifetime value
*size of deals
*customer attrition rate
*# of deals per segment
*% of demand per channel i.e. search marketing.
What leading indicators should be tracked?
*share of preference
*share of wallet
*share of determiners per segment
* net advocacy
*customer franchise value
*rate of growth compared with market's rate of growth
*market value index
What must a dashboard include?
*new business metrics
*competitive metrics
*customer value metrics
*overall net advocacy score
*market value index
*Product information
What is the main purpose of a dashboard
*Show how marketing si moving the needle up in leads, sales, customer testimonials.
*Assess what is and isn't working for faster decision-making.
*present an unified view to marketing's value
*enable better alignment between marketing and business goals.
What are the market share indicators?
*share of preference
*share of voice
*share of distribution
*rate of customer acquisition
*rate of growth in market
What are the lifetime indicators?
*purchase frequency
*share of wallet
What are the brand equity indicators?
*price premium
*net advocate score
*customer franchise value
*new product acceptance/adoption rate
*product margins
What information is in a cookie?
customer uid, Page value,Page time, Next page.
Information that a Web server stores on a user's computer when the user browses a particular Web site. This information helps the Web server track such things as user preferences and data that the user may submit while browsing the site. For example, a cookie may include information about the purchases that the user makes (if the Web site is a shopping site). The use of cookies enables a Web site to become more interactive with its users, especially on future visits
How is the conversion rate calculated?
Conversion Rate =
Completed Actions/Total # of Visitors
What are typical web site conversion actions?
*Generating e-mail opt-ins.
*Producing product sales
*Signing up for subscriptions
The conversion rate tells you what?
*Quality of your Ad Strategy
*Efficiency of your web site
*Evaluates quality of visitors attracted to ad strategy
*How satisfied customers are interacting with website.
How do you calculate Cost per Action which is the effectiveness of your advertising dollar?
Cost per Action =Advertising Cost/Total Completed Actions. Be sure to use the same time range for gathering ad cost and total completed actions.
How do you calculate the Value of the Buyer?
Value of the Buyer = average gross profit you earn from a completed action as a % of sales X average action value(i.e.sales price).
What does the Value of Buyer tell you or recommends to you?
Compare Cost/action to Value of buyer and quickly gain an understanding of what strategies to use to maximize, adjust or drop to increase performance
If the Cost Per Action < Value of Buyer what is the recommendation?
You're making $ and can increase budget or max current web site strategy.
If the Cost Per Action > Value of Buyer what is the recommendation?
You're losing # and can adjust the advertising budget and marketing mix on web strategy to increase conversion rate.
Name 4 categories of marketing metrics needed for overall effectiveness
*Processes of marketing department i.e. their ability to meet deadlines.
*Overall effectiveness of marketing programs from aggregate view not just campaign level
*Broader picture metrics: sales growth, market share, total sales, total profits
*Customer metrics interaction with other metrics i.e.
Products/customer, net adds, customer profitability, customer satisfaction ratings, customer lifetime value