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Responding to an objection by letting the buyer talk, acknowledging that you heard the concern, and then moving on to another topic without trying to resolve the concern
Acknowledge Method
A method of objection handling where the reason for objecting is turned into a reason to buy or move to the next phase.
Boomerang Method
Method used to respond helpfully to objections by agreeing that the objection is valid, but then proceeding to show any compensating advantages.
Compensation Method
Method of answering objections in which the salesperson makes a relatively strong statement indicating the error the prospect has made.
Direct Denial
Concerns expressed by the buyer that are intended to mask the buyers true objections.
A method of objection handling where the salesperson acknowledges how the buyer feels, then relates how someone else who felt the same way found that the objection was misguided
Feel-Felt-Found Method
To resolve objections before buyers have a chance to raise them.
The act of silently waiting to encourage buyers to elaborate or explain more fully what their concern is.
Friendly Silent Questioning Stare (FSQS)
Method used to respond to objections in which the salesperson denies the objection but attempts to soften the response by first agreeing with the prospect that objection is an important one.
Indirect Denial Method
Concern or question raise by the buyer.
A method of handling objections that essentially entails not handling the objection but ignoring it.
Pass-up Method
Selling a new and different product, service, or idea. In these situations the salesperson usually has difficulty establishing a need in the buyer's mind.
Pioneer Selling
Objection response technique in which the salesperson ask permission to answer the question at a later time.
Postpone Method
Method to obtain commitment in which the salesperson initially uses the direct request method and, if unsuccessful, uses a series of probing questions designed to discover the reason for the hesitation.
Probing Method
Method of helpfully responding to objections in which the salesperson shows how others held similar views before trying the product or service.
Referral Method
Process of responding to objections by turning the objection into a reason for acting now.
Revisit Method
Type of compensation method of responding to an objection during a sales presentation that uses a high score on one attribute to compensate for a low score on another attribute.
Superior Benefit Method
Method of responding to an objection during a sales presentation that uses a testimonial letter from a third party to corroborate a salesperson's assertions.
Third-Party-Testimony Method
An account is given to another salesperson because the buyer refuses to deal with the current salesperson.
Turnover (TO)