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Foot pursuit
Traffic stop
Rolling stolen
Subject Stop
`Traffic pursuit
Monitor code/monitor category
A=Available units- units available for dispatch.

B=All units in your dispatch group

U=Active units-units on calls or activities

W=Waiting incidents - calls waiting for dispatch

I=Active Incidents-calls with units assigned to them

S=Special status-units on certain activities
Monitor colors
Light blue - dispatched status
Yellow - Enroute
Red - Onscene
Green - Available
Dispatch Marquee colors
White - When a car radio transmits
Yellow - When a packset transmits
Light blue - When an unassigned radio transmits
How do you retrieve the last 50 units that have transmited, but fallen off the end of the marquee?
How do you setup the dispatch monitor?
MON (then the code of how yu want it setup)
How do you hold a call?
How do you hold and change the priority of a call?
H (priority), (comments)
How do you hold all calls
H All
How do you select a call
S (incident number)
S (type code)
What is the command for having only the radio channels you are monitoring display on the marquee?
If the information on your status screen sruns off the end, how can you see the rest of the status?
How do you log on a unit?
L (unit number and shift designator)
How do you logon a unit with additional info like vehicle, shotgun, radio, etc?
LUI #(DPSST);(packset number) # (DPSST); (2nd packset number) R/ (radio number) V/ (vehicle number) S/(Shotgun number) C/(Cellular phone number) O/(Odometer reading), comment
What command do you use to change unit information?
CUI (unit number) (change eg. c/....)
What command do you use if you want to add additional information to a unit?
AUI (unit number) (addtional info like v/....)
How do you subtrat info from a unit?
SUI (unit number) (info to subtract like s/...)
What are the different commands you can use to dispatch a unit and what do they do?
D - dispatches but not enroute
DE - Dispatches enroute
DO - dispatches onscene
*all commands need to be followed by # and incident number then unit(s)
What is the difference of O and OS
O=On scene different location
OS=On scene with original location
What is the enroute command?
What command changes a units location?
CL.... CL (unit number) [new location]
If a unit is at a new location than the original one in call, how do you show them back at the origonal location?
What command dispatches additional units to a call and how do you use it?
A: A (first unit on scene) followed by additional unit numbers up to ten units. you can also use AE and AO for Enroute or onscene
What is another command to use to show a unit going to the same call that a different unit is already on?
W - (new unit number) W existing unit number)
* W also shows the new unit on scene unless you use WE for enroute
How do you clear a unit from a call?
C (unit number)
How do you clear the last unit from a call?
C (unit number) D/(disp code like Q1)
Wha is the PULL or preempt command?
What is teh difference of RD, CON and AS?
RD-Redirects an incident to another dispatcher.
CON-Gives another dispatcher control of one of your units.
AS-Assigns your dispatch group to another terminal or you can AS to assign dispatch groups to your own terminal
How do you put an incident in your recall window?
R Incident number or unit number on incident
How do you duplicate two incidents and cancel one?
DUP Incident number you want to keep and then incident number you want to cancel/cross reference
How do you clear your recall window?