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body Image
how a person sees or experiences his or her body
False self
Indviduals who have the emotional need to respond to the needs and ambitions significant people, such as parents, have to them
global self
Composite of all the basisc facts, qualities, traits, images and feeling one holds about oneself
ideal self
The self one wants to be
behavior of people that have achieved a goal; mimic behavior
role conflict
clash in beliefs or behaviors
role performance
Ability to successfully execute societal expectations regarding role-specific behaviors
self actualization
The need to reach one's potential through full development of one's unique capability.
self concept
mental image or picture of self; includes body image, subjective self, and social self.
self esteem
person’s perception of his or her total being; including self-worth and body image.
self image
perception of self at a specific time.
self love
regard for one’s own happiness or advantage
self respect
regard for one’s own standing or position
self worth