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Hearing Impairment: Pathology
Conductive hearing loss:
impairs sound from being conducted from outer to middle ear
Hearing Impairment: Pathology
Sensorineural hearing loss:
decreased ability to understand spoken words
Hearing Impairment: Pathology
Central hearing loss:
difficulty understanding the meaning of words heard
4 major types of hearing impairment
Sensorineural (hearing aid does not work)
Central and functional
Diagnostic studies (test for hearing acuity)
*Gross screening - whisper 12" from patient's ear repeat word do this to both ears
*Tuning fork - differentiates between conductive and sensorineural
*Audiometry: most useful Tests for Vestibular function (pure tone earphones)
*Caloric test stimulus Tests Vestibular Nerve Function (cold water in ear then warm water)
*Posturography - balance test moving platform
Nursing Interventions
*Health Promotion
-Environmental noise control (teenagers)
-Ototoxic drugs VERY IMPORTANT
Nursing Interventions
*Assistive Devices
-Hearing aids
-Speech reading
-Cochlear implant
-Assisted listening devices
Nursing Care
*Communication with hearing impaired patients:
-Nonverbal Aids (use your hands, maintain eye contact, use touch, quiet, private area)
-Verbal Aids (speak normally, don't overenunciate, use simple sentences)
Evaluation: Outcomes
*Patient will lead a satisfying life with hearing loss
*Patient will use and maintain hearing aid correctly
*Patient will communicate effectively with others