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Complex partial seizures Drug therapy New Onset
Monotherapy: Carbamazepine is Drug of Choice
Phenytoin, valproic acid, gabapentin, lamotrigine, topiramate, phenobarb
Absence Seizures Drug therapy
Ethosuximide: Drug of choice
If both absence and generalized:valproic acid
Tonic clonic seizures drugs of choice
Phenytoin, carbamazepine, topiramate, valproic acid
Lamotrigine, phenobarb, primidone
Drug for women that may have children to take if on anticonvulsants
1 mg of Folic acid per day
Phenobarb Side effects
Drosiness,, folate deficiency, hepatic failure, teratogenic
Decreases effective ness of birth control pills
Phenytoin Indications
All seizures except absence and febrile
Phenytoin Side effects
N/V, Osteomalacia, peripheral nuropathy, hepatic failure, teratogenic
Phenytoin counseling
Do not break, crush, chew
May alter your gums. Brush and floss daily
Carbamazapine Indications
Most widely used anticonvulsant
DOC for complex partial
Effective in most generalized seizures
Ineffective in absence and febrile
Carbamazepine is metabolized to its effetive drug
Carbamazepine Side effects
N/V, neutropenia, reversible rash
SIADH (Hyponatremia and water retention), osteomalacia, folate deficiency
Direct hepatotoxicity, Aplastic anemia
Do not use with MAOIs
Valproic acid Indications
DOC for absence seizures along with ethosuximide
All types of generalized and partial seizures
Not used <2 years old
Valproic acid side effects
Fatal hepatotoxicity
GI upset
Avoid use in pregnancy
Gabapentin Indications
Partial seizures: used most often for peripheral neuropathies
Topiramate counseling
Drink plenty of water to avoid renal caliculi (Kidney stones)
Status epilepticus Drug of choice
Benzodiazepenes: Lorazepam preferred over diazepam
Bipolar Terapies
Lithium, Divalproex sodium, carbamazepine
Lithium Brand
Lithobid, Eskalith generic
Divalproex sodium Brand
Depakote generic
Carbamazepine Brand
Tegretol generic
Lithium contraindications
Renal disease, Cardiovascular disease
Use in caution with thyroid disease, sodium depletion, diuretics
Lithium monitoring
Thyroid panel - may cause hypothyroidism
SCr/BUN - Renally eliminated
CBC w/diff-may cause leukocytosis
Electrolytes-hyponatremia=lithium toxicity
Depakote indication
first line in treating acute manic episodes, off label use for prophylaxis
Depakote contraindications
hepatic sysfunction, pregnancy, <2 years old
Depakote monitoring
Valproic acid levels
LFTs every month for 6 then every 6 months
Carbamazepine Indication
Second-line for acute and prophylactic bipolar treament
Clozapin/Clozaril drug class
Atypical Antipsychotic
Risperdal drug class
Atypical Antipsychotics
Zyprexa generic
Olanzapine brand
Atypical antipsychotic
Seroquel generic
Quetiapine brand
Atypical antipsychotic
Ziprasidone brand
Geodon Generic
Atypical antipsychotic
Abilify generic
Aripiprazole brand
Atypical antipsychotic
Increase the synaptic concentration of 5-HT and/or norepinephirne in the CNS
TCA Adverse effects
Orthostatic hypotension, tachy, sedation, anitcholinergic, weight gain, sexual dysfunction
TCA contraindications
MAOI, pregnany, lactation, glaucoma
Amitriptyline brand
Elavil generic
Nortriptyline brand
Pamelor generic
Imipramine brand
tofranil generic
Doxepin Brand
Sinequan generic
Clomipramine brand
Anafranil generic
Desipramine brand
Norpramin generic
Doxepin drug class
Increase synaptic concentration of NE,5-HT, and DA by inhibiting enzyme MAO
MAOI adverse effects
ortho hypotension
Weight gain
Sexual dysfunction
anticholinergics effects
MAOI contraindications
Renal or hepatic dysfunction
Not within 5 weeks of fluoxetine or 2 weeks of other SSRIs
MAOI drug food interactions
Tyramine containing foods: red wine, aged cheese, and marmite
Phenelzine brand
Nardil Generic
Phenelzine drug class
Tranylcypromine brand
Parnate generic
Tranylcypromine drug class
Inhibit reuptake of 5-HT, Taper on disconinuation except fluoxetine
SSRI Adverse effects
GI, nervousness, insomnia, HA, fatigue, sexual dysfuntion
Lexapro generic
Escitalopram brand
Fluvoxamine brand
Luvox generic
Fluvoaxamine drug class
Venlafaxine brand
Effexor generic
Effexor MOA
Inhibits reuptake of 5-HT and NE
Effexor indication
Generalized anxiety disorder and major depression
Effexor Adverse effects
GI, anxiety, insomnia
Elevation in BP
Same as SSRIs
Cymbalta generic
Duloxetine brand
Cymbalta indications
Major depression and diabetic peripheral neurpathic pain
Nefazodone brand
Serzone generic
Nefazodone MOA
inhibits 5-HT and NE uptake
Mirtazapine brand
Remeron Generic
Remeron MOA
Increases 5-HT and NE in synapses
Benzodiazepine MOA
potentiate actions of GABA by increasing influx of chloride into neurons, reducing neruonal firing
Benzo Adverse effects
Sedation, dizziness