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glacier where the average temperature around it is above freezing
temerate glacier
glacier staying frozen year round
polar glacier
3 types of morphological glaciers
Alpine, Piedmont, Ice sheet/cap
glacier confined by walls on at least 3 sides
alpine glacier
glacier flowing out onto flat land in a lobate shape
piedmont glacier
glacier overwhelming topography flowing out onto it
ice sheet/cap
mound of sediment directly deposited by glaciers
sediment deposited by glaciers
sediment actually moved by the glacier
unstratified till
sediment formed within the glacier usually through meltwater channels
stratified till
unconsolidated, unsorted material
cemented unconsolidated, unsorted material
silt sized quartz formed by glaciers
glacial flour
sediment originally deposited by a glacier then reworked
glacial sediments flowing into a marine environment
glacial marine sedimentation
underwater moraine
grounding zone wedging
area containing grounding zone wedging right next to the glacier
proximal deposits
iceburg furrows
Distal deposits
material carried out by an iceburg that falls onto the sea floor
ice rafted debris
setting where continent meets marine
marginal marine
protuberance in the shoreline where a river meets the ocean
3 dominating factors of marginal marine environments
rivers, waves, tides
delta jutting outward depositing sediment as land
fluvial dominated delta