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establishing the time relationships among rock units
Chronostratigraphic units
tangible bodies of rock selected to serve as reference sections
Geologic Time Units
stratigraphic units defined on the basis of time
Break-up of chronostratigraphic units
Eonothem, Erathem, System, Series, Stage, Chronozone
geochronologic units
divisions of geologic time, distinguished on the basis of the rock record and expressed as chronologic units
break-up of geochronologic units
Eon, Era, Period, Epoch, Age, Chron
geochronometric units
direct divisions of geologic time with arbitrarily chosen age boundaries
Distributary channel
Incised-Walley Fill
FUS cutting through underlying strata
Marginal Marine
Delta Front, Delta Fringe
Delta Front
distinct CUS
Delta Fringe
Thin CUS
Shale, Marine Shale