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Who developed Back Orifice?
Cult of the Dead Cow, Cult of the Dead Cow
Name three applications that make MITM attacks easier?
Juggernaut, T-sight, Hunt
What is a birtday attack?
A type of brute force attack that uses hash functions
What is the Stoned virus?
MBR virus that is transmitted by floppy.
What is Acid Rain?
A DOS trajoan that deletes system files, renames folders and create empty folders
What is Sub7?
Win9x Internet backdoor
What is Simpsons?
A trojan hours that deletes files on selected drives using an extracted BAT file. Uses deltree.exe
What is the difference between worms and viruses?
Worms do not need to attach themselves to a host program to replicate.
What is Morris?
A worm that took advantage of the SendMail vulnerabilty and shut down the entire internet in 98
What is BadTrans
Mass-mailing worms that attempts to sedn itself by using Outlook by replying to unread emails
What is NIMDA?
A mass mailing worm that uses network share propagation and several MS vulnerabilities
What is CodeRed?
Worm that exploits buffer overflow vulnerabilities in Win 2000 web servers
What is SAFESuite?
Scans TCP/IP networks looking for vulnerabilities in web servers
What does TACACS+ provide that TACACS does not?
What protocol does TACACS+ rely on?
What is IDEA?
The default encryption method used in SSH uses 128-bit symetric key block cipher
What three utilities comprise SSH?
Slogin, SSH & SCP
What layer of the OSI model does IPSEC function at?
network layer
How does IPSEC provide authentication services?
through IKE
What IPSEC service provides authentication?
What encryption scheme does PGP use?
RSA or Diffe-Helman
What can PGP include to validate an email to its recipient?
digital certificate
How does SSL communicate?
Using asymmetric key with a cipher strenght of 40-128 bits
What are the two layers of TLS
TLS Record protocol and TLS handshake protocol
What type of encryption does HTTPS use?
RC4 stream
What are the two general categories of CGI exploits?
1. May leak information about the server
2. may be exploited to execute unwanted commands
What types of attacks are LDAP servers vunerables to?
buffer overflow
What is 802.11a
An extention to 802.11 that provides up to 54Mbps in the 5GHz range
What is required before implementing any WLAN solution?
Site Survey
What is a firewall?
A component that is placed between computers and networks that helps eliminate undesired network access
What are the three main types of firewalls?
Packet filtering
Proxy Service
Stateful inspection
At what layer of the OSI model to packet filtering firewalls operate?
What are the two types of Proxy Service firewalls?
Circuit-levl gateways & Application level gateways
What type of domains do switches create?
collision domains
What type of attacks are wireless networks most suceptible to?
session hijacking & MITM
What is SNMP?
Application layer protocol that collects stats from TCP/IP devices
What ports does SNMP use
Ports 161,162 (UDP)
What is a Bastion Host?
the first line of security that a company allows to be addressed directly from the internet
What is a screened host gateway?
A type of bastion host system that is implemented using a screening router and a bastion host
What is a screened subnet gateway?
Includes two screened host gateway devices that isolate the LAN from the internet
What is the purpose of a VLAN?
to unite network nodes logically into the same broadcast domain reguardless of their phsycial attachement to the network
Which standard defines a mechanism that encapsulates the frames with the headers and tags them w/a VLAN ID
What is the difference between intrustion and misuse?
intrusion is from the outside misuse is from the inside
Define SHA-1
A hash algorithm designed by the US gov't that generates 168-bit hash from any variable length string of data
Define MD series
a series of encryption algorithms designed to be fast, simple & secure. Generates a has of 128-bit strength
Define 3DES
Symetric uses three distinct keys for a total strength of 168-bits
Define AES
also called rijndael it is a symetric block cipher, is the successor to DES and can create keys from 128-256 length, has three layers
Define Elliptic Curve cryptography
utilizes a method in which elliptical curves can be used to calculate simple but very difficult to break encryption keys
What is confidentiality
the act of limiting disclosure of private information
What is integrity
ensuring that the data you send arrives at the destination unmodified
What is non-repudiation
provides through encryption, a method in which there is no refute from where data has come
What type of key system is non-repudiation unique to and why?
asymmetric because the private key is not shared
What is a new more popular way of implementing access control?
What is the version of XML specifically designed for access control?
What is a digital certificate?
a digitally signed block of data that allows PKI cryptography to be used for identification purposes.
What is PKI based on?
x.509 certificate
What is ISAKMP?
a protocol that defines a common frame work for the creation, negation, modification, and deletion of security associations in VPNs
What types of encyrption does S/MIME support?
DES, 3DES, and RC2