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What is the DSS?
Digital Signature Standard- provides for non-repudiation of messages
Does DSS use symmetric or asymmetric keys?
What is PEM?
Privacy Enhanced Mail- public-key encryption similar to S/MIME
What does PGP use in place of a CA?
a "web of trust"
What type of encryption is Kerberos?
What is X.509 used for?
digital certificates
What are tokens also known as?
One-time passwords
What type of network is extremely vulnerable to Man in the Middle attacks?
What is smurfing?
broadcasting echo requests with a falsified source address, overwhelming the owner of the address
What port does the chargen exploit use?
TCP 19
What port does echo use?
port 7
What ports does FTP use?
ports 20 and 21
What port does FTP use for data?
port 20
What port does SSH use?
port 22
What port does Telnet use?
port 23
What port does SMTP use?
port 25
What port does TACACS use?
port 49
What ports does DNS use?
TCP and UDP 53
What port does POP3 use?
port 110
What port does SNMP use?
port 161
What port does HTTPS use?
TCP 443
What port does RADIUS use?
port 1812
What does 802.1x do?
provides an authentication framework for wired and wirelss networks
What is TACACS?
Terminal Access Controller Access Control System
What advantage does TACACS+ have over TACACS?
multi-factor authentication
What protocol is replacing PPTP?
What two protocols were combined to form L2TP?
Microsoft's PPTP and Cisco's L2F
What are the two main components of L2TP?
L2TP Access Controller (LAC) and L2TP Network Server (LNS)
What three utilities comprise SSH?
SSH, Slogon, SCP
What type of encryption does SSH use?
What two services are provided by IPSec?
Authentication Header (AH) and Encapsulating Security Payload (ESP)
What encryption does S/MIME use?
Who developed PGP?
Phillip R. Zimmerman
What is PGP primarily used for?
email encryption
What type of encryption does PGP use?
What type of encryption does PGP use?
What two algorithm options exist for PGP?
RSA and Diffie-Hellman
Are SSL sessions stateful or stateless?
What two strengths does SSL come in?
40-bit and 128-bit
What is TLS?
Transport-Layer Security- a successor to SSL
What type of encryption does SSL use?
What two layers does TLS consist of?
TLS Record Protocol and TLS Handshake Protocol
Are SSL and TLS compatible?
What is HTTPS?
What kind of encryption does HTTPS use?
40-bit RC4
What is Authenticode?
a method of signing ActiveX controls
What is Authenticode?
a method of signing ActiveX controls
What language is normally used to write CGI scripts?
What is DEN?
Directory-Enabled Networking- specification for how to store network information in a central location
What model is DEN based on?
Common Information Model (CIM)
What security problem does FTP have?
authentication sent in cleartext
What does S/FTP use for encryption?
What are the four WAP layers?
Wireless Application Environment (WAE); Wireless Session Layer (WSL); Wireless Transport Layer Security (WTLS); Wireless Transport Layer (WTL)
What is WML?
Wireless Markup Language- used to create pages for WAP
What is WML?
Wireless Markup Language- used to create pages for WAP
What OS do most PBX's use?