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What types of ID should you have on you and where do you need to wear it?
Horizon Air ID badge and Port badge must be worn in full view on outermost garment with the picture side out above the waist, and must be worn at all times you are in the secured area of the airport.
What must you do if your ID is lost of stolen?
Notify an inflight supervisor or the duty officer immediately.
What must you do if you see a uniformed or non uniformed crewmember near or aboard our aircraft not displaying appropriate identification?
Challenge him or her, that is, courteously request identification and determine such person's right to be there.
What do you do if a person whom you have challenged for ID does not comply with your request?
Notify a ground agent in posession of a radio to contact the airline/airport authorities.
What is SIDA?
Security Identification Display Area.
What is AOA?
Air Operations Area. The entire airport area within airport fence.
When traveling out of uniform should you wear your ID?
No, just keep in on you.
What should you do when you go through an access control door?
Make sure it closes behind you and that no one "piggy backs" after you. If they do, you need to challenge them.