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Army regulation 380-5 covers what area?
What does the word SAEDA mean?
Subversion and Espionage Directed against the Army.
What does MIJI mean?
Meaconing, Inrusion, Jaming, and Interference.
Information or material that requires protection against unauthorised disclosure in the interest of national security, shall be calssified in one of 3 designations. Name them?
Top Secret, Secret, and Confidential.
What are the requirements to access classified information?
Proper clearance and a need to know.
What does the word OPSC mean?
Operations Security.
Whaat is OPSEC?
a program within the unit to deny a potential enemy information on the Brigades intentions, plans and operations.
What does the five s's stand for and when should you use them?
Search, Segregate, Silence, Speed and Safeguard. You should use it upon captured enemy personnel.
What are the categories the Enemy Prisoners of War should be divided into?
Officers, NCO's, Privated, Deserters, Females, Civilians and Political Indoctrination Personnel.
What dows the key word SALUTE mean?
Size, Activity, Location, Unit, Time and Equipment.
Why is challaenge and password used and how often are the changed?
To identify unknown personnel, they are changed every 24 hours.