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Which of the following is NOT true about the BCP and DRP?
Both plans deal with security infractions after they occur.
According to the Gartner Group:
The BCP and DRP are interchangeable in most organizations.
Place the following steps of the BCP in the correct sequence a)create the BIA; b) obtain signoff of the tested BCP; c)identify the scope of the BCP; d) write the BCP:
Why is the BCP important?
It minimizes desruption in business continuity.
What is the purpose of the BIA?
To create a document that's used to help management understand what impact a disruptive event would have on the business.
The scope definition of the BCP should include all of the following except:
performing a dry run of emergency fire and medical evacuation procedures.
Which of the following would be considered a man-made disaster?
wildcat strike
What is the number one priority of disaster response?
personnel safety
What is not a benefit of cold sites?
quick recovery
Which of the following computer recovery sites is only partially equipped?
warm site
An organization short on funding but long on its ability to assume risk would most likely use what kind of recovery site?
alternate site
Which of the following is an advantage of using hot sites as a backup alternative?
Hot sites can be made ready for operation within a short period of time.
Using multiple centers as a recovery site has what main disadvantage?
Multiple centers are more difficult to administer than other tyjpes of recovery sites.
What is a mobile unit site?
a fully equipped recovery site on wheels
The primary goal of the DRP is to:
reassure employees that the organization puts their safety above all else.
The most extensive type of disaster recovery testing is
parallel testing