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conservative party represented american businesses, primarily in the north
Democratic-Republicans a.k.a. Democrats
liberal party represented the needs of farmers, primarily in the south
Senator Daniel Webster
the spokesman of the whigs
Senator John Calhoun
the spokesman of the democrats
Senator Henry Clay ("The Great Comprimiser")
A western senator who helped the north and south cmprimise
a person who can deliver a great speech
Protective Tariff
a tax on imported goods designed to make imported goods more expensive than domestic goods
Imported Goods
goods made in a foreign country
Domestic Goods
goods made in the United States
Tariff of 1828 ("Tariff of Abominations")
a protective tariff that raised imports 40%
Compromise Tariff of 1833
a compromise tariff introduced by Henry Clay giving the north a high tariff for a few years and then slowly lowering it back to the 1815 level for the south
State's Rights
when a state has control of deciding to be "free" or "slave"
Nullification Act
declaring the tariff of 1828 illegal and that south carolinians would not pay it
someone who wants to end slavery
freedom of slaves
William Lloyd Garrison
an american reformer and journalist who became famous in the 1830's for his abolitionist newspaper the liberator which labeled slave holding as a crime. It was outlawed in some southern states.