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Wesley Robinson
-Had perfect attendance through HS
-Went to the Super Bowl in San Diego when the Packers lost to the Broncos
Angel Barrera
-Was in the hospital for a week last year when his appendix burst, almost died
-Favorite food is ravioli
Will Velarde
-Has never stayed in a hospital
-Didn't apply to business schools anywhere else
Brad Kuntz
-First GF in 7th grade was a foot taller than him
-Hooked up with the manager of the opposing wrestling team
Jared Salin
-Was blond until middle school
-Born on Veterans Day
John Griswold
-Has 20/10 vision
-100% amibexterous
Drew Smith
-Hooked up with a Mormon girl who started crying in the middle of it
-Was in choir from 6th grade through senior year and performed in 4 different countries
Glenn Shigetomi
-Once bowled a 265
-Won the Hawaii State geography bee in 2000
Tino Carlo
-Broke his wrist rollerblading in 6th grade
Vishal Gaglani
-Got hit directly in the eye with a tennis ball, was temporarily blinded