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Harmonic currents are induced by loads that draw ----- in a ----- waveform.
Improperly grounded communication cables between peripherals and a mainframe computer may become a problem when exposed to a strong level of RF signals through all the following except -----
A ----- is an increase in the voltage level.
A PQ tool that does not require contact with energized circuits is a -----
Infrared imager
Although ----- faults do not have enough current flow for the fuse or distribution breaker to operate, they can result in the lights blinking.
When considering a PQ analysis, data collection analysis will vary depending whether one is conducting an ----- or ----- exercise.
Putting an electronic drive in front of a 3 phase motor to make an adjustable speed drive or variable frequency drive alters the phase angle to reflect a ------.
rectified input of an electronic load
Which of the 5 scenarios defined by NIOSH resulted in the 244 fatalities?
contact w/power line 28%
contact w/equipment 21%
boom equipment w/power line 18%
improperly installed/damaged equipment 17%
conductive equipment w/power line 16%
The ability to set a monitor device to trigger automatically when a PQ event occurs allows one to ----- the causes.
If the cummulative probability cp values from a PQ analysis study continures to increase what result can be expected?
It will most likely be a problem for this facility with possible overheating motors and transformers, and mis-operating equipment
What is the likely direction or source of the fault condition if the current increases significantly when the voltage decreases?
Motor start ups?
Users can usually define the # of RMS summary in ------
High impedance connections and current transformers may be needed to ensure that a PQ instrument does not have any significant impact on the -----
Lightning is an -----
impulsive transient
Many tools designed to improve a ----- quality are not only amount the first to suffer from a lack of quality, but are sometimes contributers to the problems they are intended to resolve.
For a ----- load the current will decrease proportionally to the voltage drop.
It is usually wise to have the most ----- tool.
The 3 electrical theories (eg. Ohms, Kirchoff's law) are used to trace the ----- of most PQ problems.
If harmonic distortion is found to be noticably large on ------ systems
3 phase vs 1 phase
Both voltage unbalance and harmonics are generally considered ----- PQ problems.
waveform distortion????
If the measurements require potential transformers to step down voltages that exceed the instrument's ratings, make sure that the ----- and ----- of signals that the PTs will pass through will not affect the readings.
frequency response
A PQ should be rated for the anticipated range of ----- and ----- levels.
----- PQ montitoring systems are typically web based to provide the advantage of showing trends.
Permanently installed
PQ ----- may result from circumstances that exist inside or outside of a business' control.
disturbances (PQ phenomena)
Well grounded properly sized UL ----- should be installed on any metalic face.