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During which there was a revivalof interest in ___, ___, ___, ____, and ___
art, architecture, history, literature and philosophy
what began in italy?
the renaissance
means "rebirth"
Therewas a renewed interest in classical writings (writings of ancient _____ and the ancient _____ empire)
greece and roman
Humanists admired _______ cultures
Was an artist and a scientist
Leonardo da Vinci
Most famous paintings were The Mona Lisa ad the Last Supper
Leonardo da Vinci
Dissected the bodies of executed criminals in order to paint more accurately
Leonardo da Vinci
Sketched many inventions including
flying machines
Poet, artist, architect and sculptor
Poet, artist, architect and sculptor
Known for the paintings in the Sistene Chapel in the Vatican City
ON the ceiling, he painted the story of Genesis from Creation to the Flood
on the WALL he painted the last judgemen
Known for paintings featurng Madonna and the child
Critisized the rcc and the Pope in a book entitled "in praise of folly"
Did not want to break away from the RCC but he believd it should be reformed from within
Wrote Utopia
Sir Thomas Moore
Wrote The Prince in which he said that rulers should use any means possible necessary to accomplish their goals
He believed "the end justifies the means
He believed "the end justifies the means
first european to invent the printing press
Johannes Gutenburg
Name three problems that existed in the rcc
1. many clergy were worldly
2. some clergy lived immoral lifestyles
3. Great Schism in the RCC
schisch also means
the great schism occured when
two popes were elected
result of the great schism
decline in respect for popes
RCC priest and Bible professor in England
John Wycliffe
said Bible should be the only basic for church teachings
John Wycliffe
First person to translate the Bible into English
John Wycliffe
Condemned by the Rcc as a heretic
John Wycliffe
Followed many of Wycliffe's teachins
John Huss
Years after his death, his bones were dug up and burned by the RCC
John Wycliffe
Selling of RCC offices
rcc beliefs were based on two things
The Bible
Rcc teachings and RCC traditions
Reformers in the RCC before the Reformation began
John Wycliffe
John Huss
RCC priest and Bible professor in England
John Wycliffe
said the Bible should be the only basis for church teachings
John Wycliffe
Condemned by the RCC as a heretic
John Wycliffe
Years after his death his bones were dug up and burned by the RCC
John Wycliffe
RCC priest and Bible professor
John Huss
followed many of Wycliffe's teachings
John Huss
He was burned at the stake for teaching heresy
John Huss
Europeans wanted an ____-_______ _______ to ___ because it took so long and was so expensice to transport new products and spices to Europe from Asia
all water route to Asia
_________ ________, an _______, left ________ in 1492 looking for such a route
Christopher Columbus, an Italian, left Spain
Who believed the world was round and that he could reach Asia by sailing _____?
Christopher Columbus, west
Christopher Columbuslanded in present day
Who thought that he had landed in present day India?
From Portugaul (explorer_
Vasco da GAma
First person to reach India by sailing around africa
Vasco da Gama
America was named in honor of this explorer
Amerigo Vespucci
Believed Columbus had reached a "new world" rather than part of Asia
Amerigo Vespucci
His crew became the first to circumnavigate the world
Ferdinand Magellan
He was killed fighting in the Philippines
Ferdinand Magellan
Explored Florida looking for a fountain of youth
Ponce de Leon
Explored present day Mexico and conquered the Aztec Indians there
Hernando Cortes
The Aztec leader _______ was killed during the fighting
-Conquered the Incas in South America
Francisco pizarro
Probably the first Europeean to see the Mississippi River
Hernando de Soto
Buried the the mississippi river
hernando de soto
Explored the coast of North America for England
John Cabot
Some European spent their time looking for a _________ _________
Northwest Passage
This was a water route throught North America, making it possible to reach Asia withouth going around South America
Northwest Passage
Did the Northwest passage exist?
Indians-many were_______, many died from
enslaved, many died from diseases
_______ were brought from Africa to work as slaves
Economically, colonies were important for two reason, they provided
1. Products for their mother country
2. A place for their mother country to sell goods
_______ occured between the European countries over land in the New World
which is correct date and what occured
1350-1600, renaissance
Columbus discovered America
1517, the Reformation