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The process of transmitting a key variable over a secure communication channel for use by a crypto device other than the device which recieved the transfer is called
The process of transmitting a key variable over a secure communication channel for use only in the recieveing crypto device is
What crypto device is used for digital data snd teletype traffic on a high frequency or satellite communications circuit?
What cryspto device is used on the fleet broadcast circuit?
What crypto device provides encryption/decryption for the Advanced Narrowband Digital Voice Terminal (ANDVT)?
What fill device reads an eight-level punched tape and can be hand carried?
What fill device can store up to six different keylists?
Which fill device can store up to sixteen different keylists?
What fill device is a plastic key used to initiate secure mode on a STU-III?
What device allows the KG-84 on the send side of circuit to be remotely phased from the NST position when placed in the XMTR CXR position?
Define Crypto
Making used on all keying material and associated equipment to protect national security.
Define Keying Material
Afforded the highest protection and handling precautions of all information and material within a crypto-system.
The difference between Primary and Secondary cryptovariables?
Primary- Is the most readily and frequently changed element of a crypto-system.
Secondary-is one that permits change of circuit operation without altering the basic equipment.
What is a STU-III?
Desktop telephone unit capable of plain and secure communications up to TOP SECRET.
What is C-10316?
Control Ineterface Unit used for Non-secure voice operations. NOT CRYPTO...
What is ACP-113?
Used to assign International call signs to U.S or allied ships under military control.
What are the Decoding procedures for U.S. and Allied ships?
Call signs alphabetical order
U.S. Navy assigned NAAB through NZZX
To the right of the call sign is the ships Hull number, Country, Branch Service
What does the TAsk force Organization consist of?
Task force: Mobile command of ships and aircrafts.
Task Group: A component of Task Force organized by a TF commander to accomplish a sepcific task.
Task Unit: A component of the TG but organized by a TG commander.
Task element: A component of the TU but organized by a TU commander.
What are prosigns and what do they consist of?
Prosigns are letters used in place of frequently used orders,instructions, requests or information to speed up process. There composed of one or more characters and defined in ACP-126.
Common Prosigns..
AA-All After
AB- All Before
AR- ENd of Transimission
AS- Wait
BT- Long Break
C- Correct
DE- From
IMI- Repeat
INT- Interrogatory
Define ACP-131
Used by Aeronautical Service. series QAA thu QNZ and QOA htru QUZ.
Allied Miltary signals
Used between Allied Military stations only Unclassified as a plain language.
Decoding Q and Z signals?
Answer, Advice or Order
Encoding Q and Z signals?
Answer, Advice or Order
Whats is the purpose of Radioteleprinter?
Transmitting and recieving messages between ships, ships and shore coomunication stations.
What is Simplex?
Single channel or frequency on which communications can be exchanged. Stations are capable of either transmitting or receiving but not at the same time.
What is full duplex?
Provides two channels or frequencies on which communication can be exchanged. Stations are capable of transmitting and receiving at the same time.
What is Half Duplex?
Provides ability to send and receive traffic on a single frequency, but not at the same time.
What are the different types of call?
Single call: Only one call sign before DE either individual or collective.
Multiple call: Two or More call signs precede the prosign either individual or collective.
How to cancel a transmission?
By using the prosign EEEEEEEE AR
What is a RO1 Teleprinter?
An electronic module and a printer module.
What is a RO2 Teleprinter?
Same as RO1 but it also has a bulk storage Module.
What is a KSR teleprinter?
RO1 version plus a keyboard module.
What is a ASR teleprinter?
Same as RO2 module but it has a keyboard/display module.
What is the Edit, CMP, CONT CHAR, Bulk, RPT, RTV, RLS and KYBd online key?
Edit key- enters or exits the edit mode.
CMP key- allows the operator to compose a new message.
CONT CHAR key- allows operator to turn the control characterstics on or off the display readout of ASR teleprinter.
Bulk key- Used to transfer messages to storage on magnetic tape.
CAN Key- cancel or delete a message that is to be edited then compose a new one.
RPT Key- the table of contents report is printed RPT pressed with SHIFT a status report is generated.
RTV(Retrieve)Key- allows the operator to retrieve messages stored in the electronic circuits.
RLS(release)Key-release up to eight single sequentially numbered or randomly numbered message for transmission.
KYBD- Key places the teleprinter in character-by character status.
What are the two types of communication satellites?
Active- amplifies received signals and retransmits them back to earth.
Passive- reflects radio signals back to earth.
What are the different types of orbit?
Synchronous orbit- satellite travels at the same speed as the earth's rotation.
Appears to hover motionless in the sky.
A non-synchronous is called a asynchronous.
Distance from the earth?
Apogee- is the point in the orbit the greatest distance from the center of the earth.
Perigee- is the point in the orbit nearest the center of the earth.
What is the angle of inclination?
Angular difference between the equatorial plane of the earth and the plane of the orbit of the satellite.
What are the angles of azimuth and elevation?
Azimuth- the angular measurement in a horizontal plane in clockwise direction.
Elevation- the angular position perpendicular to the earth's surface.