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Navy and marine corps tobacco policy
What is the purpose of SECNAV Instruction 5100.13E
To provide policy and program guidance, per
references (a) through (j), for the control and reduction of
tobacco use within the Department of the Navy (DON).
Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS) is also know as?
secondhand smoke or "passive" smoke
Smoking related
health care and productivity loss cost the Department of
Defense (DoD)
nearly a billion dollars each year
Second hand smoke is concidered what type carcinogen?
Type "A" carcinogen
Tobacco use is associated with
higher absenteeism,
diminished motor and perceptual skill, and poor endurance
DON’s vision is
to be tobacco free
Time spent for tobacco use (while on
duty) shall occur only
during approved break periods that will
be designated by supervisors based on staffing and per Federal
law, personnel policy, and union contracts.
Tobacco use is prohibited during time authorized for
fitness, training and conditioning.
Designated tobacco use areas may be permitted in
individually assigned family and Bachelor Quarters (BQs) and
lodging (includes both Permanent Change of Station (PCS) and
Temporary Additional Duty (TEMADD) facility rooms), provided
these individual housing units
are not served by a common
Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC) system
Indoor designated tobacco-use areas shall be
enclosed and must exhaust directly to the outside (away from air
intakes) and maintained at a negative pressure sufficient to
contain tobacco smoke in designated areas
Though they may meet ventilation
requirements, the following spaces will not be used as smoking
work spaces, watch stations, berthing areas, lounges,
messing areas, libraries, ready rooms, exercise areas, medical
areas, spaces in which computing and electronics gear
distance from building entry/egress which tobacco users must
maintain is to be determined by the (a) and must be at least (b) feet from any building entrance.
Military Treatment Facilities (MTFs), Fleet
and Family Service Centers, and Marine Corps Community Services
shall provide
current tobacco use information, cessation encouragement, and professional assistance to those wishing to
stop using tobacco.
The term “sexual assault,” for the purpose of this instruction, includes
rape, indecent assault, forcible
sodomy, assault with intent to commit rape, and assault with
intent to commit sodomy
Sexual assaults against children and those that occur
within a marital relationship shall be reported under the DON’s
Family Advocacy Program (FAP).
The newly established Department of Defense (DOD) Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office will be issuing a
Directive and Instruction on Sexual Assault, incorporating the
14 Directive-Type Memorandums establishing policy for addressing sexual assault.