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Chimel Rule
person's arrested inside a house=>search is limited arm's reach rule
Exception for Chimel search rule?
Plain view, protective peek and sweep, pathway, another search basis eg. consent
Ramey Rule
When an arrest is to be made in one's home, an arrest warrant is required prior enter.
Steagald Rule
When an arrest is to be made in someone else home, an arrest warrant is required prior enter.
Protective sweep
A quick & limited search of the house to locate persons who could be creating an exigency.
Plain view
When evidence/Fice is spotted in plain view & officer is legally inside
Protective Peek
Incident Arrest in house as a precautionary measure and w/o reasonable suspicion, officer may look in for hiding...
Pathway of Suspect
If the arrestee should make request to move bathroom..., officer is allowed to secure the suspect's pathway
Terry Standard
Frisk-patdown outer clothing
for the purpose to find deadly weapons
Ross Rule
Vehicle- If there is P.Cause to believe evidence is in car, the car can be searched
w/o a search warrant