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Public Domain
Programs thata re freely available for copying and modification.
Software that can be copied and distributed freely. Can't be sold or modified and is still covered by copyright.
Software that is distributed for trial use before buy. Copies can be made and distributed but not allowed to modify it.
Commercial Software
Computer software sold for profit and until recently, the vast majority of all software used.
Acknowldegement of Sources
When various resources are stated to show what the programmer has used.
Network use
Computer systems joined together to share files, peripherals and sometimes software programs.
Translating object code into code that can be more easily studied by a programmer.
Reverse Engineering
The process of reading source code and tranlsting it to an algrorith.
Copyright law
Legal protection of computer programs against illegal copying such as piracy.
You own the medium that contains the software not the software itself.
You own the software including the code and the instructions.
Copying or saving data to a different location so one can restore the backup copy if data is lost or damaged.
The theft of the ideas and expressions of another person.
Intellectual Property
Personal ownership of the creative ideas that develop from an individuals mind or intellect.
The legal protection given to authors which protects them against unauthorised copying of their work.