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Why do Adventists believe the Sabbath is not just a Jewish institution but something intended for all?
It was stated in the Ten Commandments that the seventh-day of the week is the day of worship. Also, God worshipped on this day when He was on earth. God made the Sabbath for a day of rest after creating the universe in six days.
What do we learn abot how to keep the Sabbath from Jesus' example?
Just like the Bible said, "The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath." God created the Sabbath for us to rest on and enjoy, not for us to do our everyday duties. While He was on earth, Jesus did rest and go to the synagogue. On this day, He also fed the hungry and healed the sick.
Please explore the range of Sabbath practice that one might ifnd in the Adventist church today.
Preparing food ahead of time, avoiding normal week day activities, cleaning/doing all the work ahead of time, avoiding worldly activities and shopping.
If the Sabbath is to be a day of rest, how does the Adventist church justify having instituions like hospitals which must be open every day of the week.
Just like the patients in Jesus time, patients of the present day can't help it when they need healing. Just like Jesus, hospital staff are willing to help and heal patients on the Sabbath. God rested the sick and dying during the Sabbath.
What do Adventists believe Genesis 2:7 tells us of the condition of those who have died?
They will return to "dust" and lose their breath of life of "spirit". When a person dies, he loses both, hence he lsoes his "soul".
What does Joen 3:16 tell Adventists about eternal burning hell?
Eternal burning hell is a result of not having a relationship with God, which translates into eternal life. "Eternal death is the outcome of a sinful life, not eternal punishment." The two options found in John 3:16 are: eternal life and eternal death.
What is the "second death" spoken of in Revelation 20:14, 15?
It is the dath where death and hell together are cast into the lake of fire. Those that aren't found in the book of life are also thrown into the lake of fire, experiencing the second death.
Identify one problem text which might indicate the presence of eternal burning hell and describe how Adventists interpret these type of texts.
Isaiah 30:14; Forever goes on for an appropriate amount of time. Forever/eternal can be interpreted in many ways, but really, only God is eternal.
According to the Adventist understanding of the Bible, what will be the condition of society at the end of time?
The wicked and the evil are separated. The righteous are seated to God's right. Matthew 25:30-46 explains that the wicked and evil will ask God when they saw him and did/didn't do him good/bad. (Add personal explanation of Matthew 25:30-46) Society will already have broken down during the end of time.
Why does there have to be a final judgment? Why doesn't God just let everyone go to heaven?
God gave us the freedom of choice because He loves us. And because of this, we have the freedom to choose between eternal life and the fires of hell. Even though He was us to all go to heaven, He still has the final judgment to show us that He is not a God of force and to show us that we receive the consequences we deserve - whether they be good or bad.
What is meant by the phrase, "the judgement is God just giving people what they really want"?
Those who will be in heaven will be there because of their choice to be there. It is because of their choice to have a relationship with God and obey His commandments that they will be in heaven.