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Explain Engineer Support Plans (ESP).
The National Security Strategy, National Military Stategy, Contingency Planning Guidance, and Joint Strategic Capabilities Plan all form the basis of theatre campaign plan and the engineer support plans
What is a Request for Forces (RFF)?
The medium that sends requests to the NCF. A liason CEC officer is attached to a Marine expeditionary force and serve as initial points of contact for NCF forces.
What is the difference between deliberate and crisis action planning?
Deliberate is performed on a continous cycle while crisis is based on current events
What is the ESP?
it identifies the minimum essential facilities and engineering capabilities needed for the commitment of military forces
What is ABFC?
Advanced Base Functional Component
It gives engineers standard plans, BOM, labor, and material requirements to improve planning
What are in the two volumes of ABFC?
The first has components, Assemblies, and facilities
The second has Drawings
How do facility requirements pertain to General engineering planning tools and considerations?
They are constant with operational requirements, duration of need, and forces to be supported.
What does real estate have to do with general engineering planning?
There has to be an acquisition or leasing of land to support operations
How does the environment effect the general engineering planning?
Navy planners have to consider the federal, state, and city environment laws and standards in their planning.
How does Host nation support play a role in general engineering planning?
Host nation support plays a role in supporting the operations of the construction
An example would be trash removal, transportation, use of POL, use of civiliain labor, etc.
What is Maintenance?
actions necessary to preserve, repair, and ensure continued operations
When would a naval engineering force use a initial/expedient construction standard?
When response times are at a premium for rapidly deploying of engineering resources
What is a temporary construction?
A facility that will be used for less than 24 months
what is a permanent construction?
A facility that is intended for long term use or for the Host nation
What is the Seabee's secondary role?
Fight as infantry
What are three engineering operations assigned to the Seabees?
What are some of the Joint FOB planning considerations?
Critical Assets
Commercial Service Access
Perimeter security
How far should latrines be from the galley, water source, and sleeping areas?
at least 100yds away from galley and water source
no more than 50 ft from sleeping areas
How far should the garbage pit be from the water supply and the galley?
at least 100 yards away from the water source
as close as 30 yards to the galley
How many people can a 4'x4' garbage pit accomodate?
100 people for 1 day
How long should a leach field be?
No lateral length longer than 100yds.
What goes into the leach field?
Sewage and grey water
What is the trouble desk in camp maintenance?
recieves all trouble calls and tasks people to certain jobs
What is the definition of a emergency job?
takes less than 16 man hours and $100 in supplies
What is a specific job order?
takes more than 16 man hours to complete
what is a standing job order?
takes more than 40 man hours to complete and job orders are large repetitive jobs
What are operator inspections in camp maintenance?
general day to day checks on equipment or facilities
what are conrol inspections in camp maintenance?
an inspection that reviews all camp facilities to determine if maintenance is required during a deployment to improve facilities
What is potable water?
water that is satisfactory for drinking and doesn't contain any pollutants
What is chlorination?
the most common way to turn polluted water into potable water at about 2ppm residual bacteria.
What is super chlorination?
chlorinating the water to over 100 ppm to kill bacteria and make water potable.
What are the three components of the ABFC?
What is the ABFC view program?
It is a web based program that consists of Navy wide TOA's.
They can be broken down into the three components
It allows the user to view all or just one facility of a componenet or facility for rapid planning
Why is it important to keep a log on generators??
To keep a compare logs and spot gradual changes in equipment condition. They should be checked day to day.
Why is it important to keep a log on boilers?
It ensures periodic maintenance of the boiler and aids in operational efficiency, length of service, and safe operation of the boiler.
How many personnel does it take to assemble a bailey bridge?
30 to 40
What are the three bridges in the NMCB TOA?
Medium Girder
Mabey Johnson
How far can a bailey bridge span?
How wide is a bailey bridge?
12.5' wide
What are the three configurations of a bailey bridge?
Single/Single bridge 100'
Double/Single bridge 140'
Double/Double bridge 180'
What are three types of medium girder bridges?
Single story
double story
Linked reinforced
How wide is the medium girder bridge?
13' 2"
What can be driven on the MGB?
light vehicle loads
What is the crew size to putting together a MGB?
24 - 32 personnel
What are the three heavy timber constructions?