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When Soloman dies, who becomes king?
Soloman's son Rehoboam becomes king.
Begins with an "R".
Because Rehoboam is such a terrible king what happens?
The kingdom divides into northern and southern.
You know this one!
Nothern Kingdom =
Not Judah but...
Southern Kingdom =
Not Israel but...
Why did people turn from God to begin disreguarding his commandments?
There were many conflicts between kingdoms.
What are prophets?
Prophets were called by God and given a divine message to convey his people.
Called by who? Given what to do what?
The prophets were NOT
modern-day fortune tellers.
Noa, yuck!
What did prophets base their predicitons on?
They based their predictions on what God has revealed to him or her through religious and other life experiences.
On what God has what to them through what?
The predictions were conditional meaning they depended on whether the people og Israel heeded God's warning. When were the Israelites successful?
When they listened to the prophets.
What to you do with music?
Prophetic Literature usually takes the form of what?
Anthologies by quotes and sermons delivered on different occasions and compiled later by their followers.
1st grade books / martin luther gave a famous what? / who put this all together?
The prophetic books were in the...

A.) OT
B.) NT
A.) OT
First part of the Bible.
The prophetic books contain what?
Each book contains the anticipation of the fulfillment of God's purposes as well as stories and speeches of the prophet for which it is named.
Think back to those anthologies.
Which prophets preaches God's call to justice?
Amos, Hosea, Elijah, & Elisha
What was their shared vision of justice?
God is the sole authority.
Single-minded commitment to challenge Israelites to be in the right relationship with God.
Served a jealous God.
Guide Israelites back to God's open arms.
Publicly announced God's call to be faithful.
5 visions.
Not from Israel
Shepherd before being a prophet.
Metaphors of shepherdhood.
Covenant brought responsibility, not privilege.
Commmoners related to his work and trusted Amos.
What did he do?
8th century
Israel deliverer
Israel at war with Assyria
accuses both kingdoms of looking to the superkingdoms (Egypt and Assyria) for security.
Hosea was more gentle than Amos.
Message given to all.
Believed in no tributes except to God.
What did he do?
What is Allegory? Who used this?
Symbolic characters or representations of religious truths. Hosea.
Israelite Prophet during the reigns of Ahab & Ahaziah.
Receives food from a raven.
Multiplies a poor widow's pantry.
Raises a child from the dead.
Causes a king soldiers to be consumed by fire.
Parted Jordan River
Rode to HEaven in a flaming chariot.
What miracles did he perform?
ruler of Israel who expanded Samaria and fought battle against Syria. Looked to storm God Baal to replenish Israel with rain.
What did he do? Was he monotheistic?
Elijah's replacement.
Kindled powers of good.
Whos is considered to be the greatsest prophet of the OT? How many times was he quoted in the OT?
Isaiah / 50x
I / More than 25x
Isaiah's prophecy spanned the reign of how many kings?
Less than 10.
What are Isaiah's predicitons?
A Davidic King is arriving.
A renant reference.
Suffering servant.
3 predictions.
What is a remnant?
Refers to a portion of God's people who would be spared his punishment because they alone had remained faithful to the covenant.
Micah & Nahum
act with justice towards others and reminded people that God is merciful.
What did they do?
4 Common Covenant Themes
1.) Warnings against Idolatry
2.) Warnings to act justly and to treat the poor fairly
3.) Attempts to deepen the understanding of God's love and mercy.
4.) Promises of Hope for the future.
Monotheism, Taunting, God, optomism.
True or False, the role of the prophet has died.
False, it has only changed. Christians believe that throguh baptism, God calls us to be priest, prophet, and king.
Simple as that.
Babylonians deported Jews how many times? What happened to theri strength?
Their strenthing was waning.
Persian's Cyrus came to powere around 538BC and allowed what?
The Jews to return and restore their temple.
yay Jews!
influenced by Isaiah
message condemned practices such as polytheism of nature.
2 topics
Speaks of covenant replacements made on Mt. Sinai, NOT its renewal.
Formal religion and Justice.
Physical and emotional exile.
remained faithful to God throughout his life.
What did he do?
First to question God's government.
God answers by saying the Babylonians were a way of correcting the Israelites.
What did he do?
Alert for God and rady to repent.
View of salvation begins with total obliteration and then a restoration will occur.
Ezekiel uses the martial allegory.
What did he do?