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Deut 6:4
One God
Gal 3:20
b) One God
Col 2:9
Jesus is the Father, Son and Spirit
Ex 20:3
Ex 20:5
jealous God
2 Sam 7:22
no God beside Him
Is 43:10-11
no other Saviour
Is 44:24
God alone at creation
Mal 2:10
One Father
Zech 14:9
Lord has One Name
Ps 71:22
God is Holy
Rev 4:2
One on the throne
Jn 4:24
God is Spirit
Mt 16:17
God does not have flesh and blood
Ex 33:20
God can't be seen
Jn 1:18
no-one has ever seen God
Prov 15:3
Rev 19:6
Deut 33:27
God is eternal
Mal 3:6
God doesn't change (He is immutable)
1 Jn 4:8
God is love
Ex 24:12-18
God appeared to Moses
Heb 1:3
Jesus is the express image of God
Acts 4:12
no other Name
Gen 22:14
God is Jehovah
Is 52:6
God's people will know His Name
Col 3:17
Do everything in Jesus' Name
Acts 2:38
baptise in Jesus' Name
Gen 32:29
Jacob wrestles God
Acts 3:16
faith in Jesus Name
1 Jn 2:23
deny Jesus = deny Father
Ps 22:22
Messiah will declare the Lord's Name
Is 9:6
Child will be called everlasting Father
Is 7:14
Emmanuel = Messiah
Is 35:4-6
God will come and save you
1 Tim 3:16
Godwas manifest in the flesh
2 Cor 5:19
God was in Christ
Col 1:15
image of the invisible God
Heb 1:6
angels worship Jesus
Lk 1:35
Mary with child prediction
Jn 1:32-34
Jesus' baptism
Jn 8:19
know me and you should know the Father
Jn 8:24-27
die in your sins
Jn 12:45
see me, see Him that sent me
Jn 14:7
from now on you have seen Him
Jn 14:18
Jesus is the comforter (Holy Spirit)
Zech 12:10
pierced Jehovah
Gal 4:4
Son is begotten, born of a woman
Heb 1:4
inherited Name
Heb 13:8
God never changes
Jn 3:16
Son was begotten
Mk 13:32
Son didn't know hour of second coming
1 Cor 15:23-28
Sonship has an ending
Heb 9:22
shedding of blood is necessary
Jn 10:30
I and my Father are One
Acts 13:33
begotten on a specific day
Jn 1:14
Word was made flesh
1 Tim 2:5
Christ is mediator
Heb 3:1
Jesus sent for a specific purpose
Is 40:5
prophecy of God manifest in the flesh
Jn 17:6
Jesus revealed God's Name
Jn 5:43
Jesus came in His Father's Name
Lev 11:44
God is Holy
Phil 1:19
Holy Spirit is Spirit of Christ
with His own blood
Acts 20:28
1 col 12:13
one Spirit
John 14:18
Jesus will come as comforter
Zech 1:7
Angel of the Lord is an angel
John 8:58
Before Abraham was, I AM
John 19:28
I thirst